But Anthony·Fokker is Anthony after all·Fokker,Falkland-United Aviation Technologies is able to、McDonnell Douglas and other giants can also firmly occupy a place in the market,Anthony·Fokker is a great contributor,Although Kelly·This news from Hicks made Anthony·Fokker’s eyes are black,But not too much,Rubbed the eyebrows,After finally calming down,Anthony·Fokker said flatly:“I have to see Fernandez。”

Hear Anthony·Fokker’s words,Jack·Schwarzer froze for a moment:He did not expect to be in Fernandez·When Chen expressed his refusal so clearly,The chairman has to make the last effort。I was moved and surprised for a while,Can’t help but say:“Mr. Fokker,Fernandez·Chen has made it clear that he doesn’t want to cooperate with us,You also……”
“Why would I be willing to bow my head and beg for help??But isn’t it impossible?,”Anthony·Fokker smiled bitterly and shook his head,Sighed,Helpless way:“The situation before us is,Or cooperate with COMAC,Make money from them,Or accept the government’s conditions……These two roads,Which way do you think is better?”
Jack·Schweizer suddenly became dumb:What the chairman said is,Either find a way to convince Fernandez·Chen,Either accept the terms of the Dutch government,pick one of two,Still try to persuade Fernandez·Chen is more reliable。
Before,Falkland-It’s not that United Aviation Technology has never asked the Dutch government for help.,I thought that the Fokker aircraft was the national card of the Netherlands,Facing the difficulties encountered by Fokker aircraft,The country should help,But the reality has disappointed the Fokker flight up and down:The Dutch government did say that it can help the Fokker plane to tide over the difficulties,But the condition is that Fokker must find a strategic partner。
This is not really a problem,The cooperative relationship between Fokker Aircraft and China Commercial Aircraft Group and Fernandez·Chen’s unfathomable strength,Cooperating directly with COMAC is the best way,But the Dutch government added a restriction:Except for China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group。
This is almost a requirement for Fokker Aircraft to become the holding company of German Aerospace, a subsidiary of the German Daimler Group.。
Ordinarily this request is outrageous,Fokker Aircraft is also a Dutch company,How could the Dutch government make such an outrageous request?But if you know the relationship between the Dutch royal family and the German nobles,Then it’s not strange at all。
But the problem is,There are plans between the Dutch royal family and the German Noble Junkers,Falkland-United Airlines refused to accept the conditions put forward by the Dutch government,Falkland-United Aviation Technology’s choice is also well understood,Would rather be chicken head than phoenix tail,Not to mention going to someone else’s house to be someone else’s grandson。
“Cooperation with COMAC,Is the key to reversing our predicament,”Look anxious、Jack the most helpless·Schwarzer,Anthony·Fokker continued:“Although Fernandez·Chen said he would never work with us again,But in Huaxia’s words,Yes‘Now and then’Well,Our asking price was too high before,Fernandez·Chen’s pride,Of course he would not agree,But if our current asking price is the normal market price,Is he Fernandez·Chen will refuse without hesitation?”
Jack·Schwarzer also agrees with his chairman’s statement,Now and then,Although COMAC and Fokker had previously talked about it,But cooperation is not a child’s play,Talk broke before,It’s not impossible to talk now,As long as the conditions are right,What’s more?The only problem is:“Say so,butboss,After all, we were very unhappy with Mr. Fernandez.,This one……”
“It’s nothing,It’s not a big deal,”Anthony·Fokker waved his hand,Said:“do not forget,We Fokker Aircraft and COMAC have three common enemies:Boeing、Macdonald·Douglas and Airbus,Let’s be100Seat levelF100Have been suppressed by these three giants,Fernandez·Chen do150Seat levelF150,But directly from Boeing、McDonnell Douglas and Airbus grab the meat。