But even though my heart is broken,Millhouse knows better,Orchards that need pesticides,Definitely the biggest weakness of this property,No matter who wants to buy this property,As long as I find this weakness,Don’t catch the bargain,Then I’m sorry。

“Mr. Millhouse,I’m going straight,In order to ensure the health of my employees,In addition to this health center,I want to put around5Bought acres of land,And you need Mr. Millhouse to use your energy to help me change the land use,As for the price……I only give you60Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”
Before Chen Geng’s voice fell,Millhouse almost jumped up:You must buy from me in total9.5Acres of land,Together with ancillary buildings on the land,At the same time, I will help you change the land use,And all this,You only give me60Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
Why don’t you grab it??!
But Chen Geng did not give him a chance to go crazy,After saying these words,He nodded to Millhouse:“Mr. Millhouse,Maybe you need to think about it,If you think about it,Can contact me。”
Chen Geng’s voice fell,Mirren will pass a business card to Millhouse’s secretary——Looking at Chen Geng, this young and beautiful、Beautiful blonde assistant,Millhouse’s psychology is again envy, jealousy and hatred。
On the way back,Chevat·Egarford can’t hold it anymore:“boss,You really plan to buy this place?”
“how?You don’t like?Or do you think the surrounding orchards are pesticides,Have too much impact on everyone’s health?”
“dislike?I don’t like it!”Chevat·Egarford felt like he was going crazy,I couldn’t help but explode in front of my boss:“I watched,The nearest fruit grove is more than five or six hundred meters away from the health center,What pesticide can float over?but……Vaco!That’s70Ten thousand dollars!”
He really can’t imagine,Why is the boss willing to spend so much money to buy an office location for the company?
Chen Geng smiled,Said:“I think,A good environment can help employees improve work efficiency……Ok,If Garrett2000Developed and grown,I am going to build the company’s headquarters here。”
Chevat·Egarford suddenly realized,He thinks he understands what his boss means:“So you have to buy the surrounding land together?”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded:As for the deeper,I won’t explain to you for now。