Again,If you don’t fight,I must see a little color to Liao Wenjie.。

“Don’t transfer topics,You learn these easy-to-feel,What restrictions?”
Liao Wenjie replaced a serious face:“The biggest limit is talent,This is not a problem that you can solve。”
Finish,He lost his dead fish eye Conan,Located in the middle of the house,Complaining the bachelorstone is too trouble,Want。
Conan is a problem,Know that Liao Wenjie will not answer,Still asked:“You just went out,Have you found something you want??”
“no,I have to go out again later.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Most of the nearby shrine is tourist attractions,Is a store selling souvenirs。Even if there is a witch,It is also Obaman level,Old witch,No one with true skills。
Take another night tomorrow,If it is still nothing,He can only choose to give up。
After all, the EaglejackieBe a thief,Eight sentences in ten sentences need to be built,There are still two sentences that are definitely false words.,The ghost knows whether the source of the goods is concealed for the source of the demon knife.。
“that,I still have a problem?”
“what,Just ask。”
Liao Wenjie is lying in bed:“After you have finished sleeping,Can you become bigger or unknown?,If you don’t work,Tell your stay again night,Xiaolan is as white waiting for you for ten years.。”
here we go again。
Conan will grind your teeth first.,Heard:“You now this face,Is it true??Or,You are still in the way,It is not a friend of the male three brother.。”
“Malicious bastard!”
the next day,Suzuki Garden is highly enthusiastic to act as a tour guide,Want to take Liao Wenjie to appreciate the customs of the custom,Then……
I haven’t then then。
Liao Wenjie pointed to the coordinates on the map,Let Suzuki Garden,I didn’t come and explored the shrine last night.,Today, I went around.。
Near the afternoon,Suzuki is tired of vomiting,Two feet when walking,It’s too hard to feel handsome guys.。
Conan is equally tired enough,Walking with a wooden stick,Only Liao Wenjie and Maori have no response,Especially the latter,I took a lot of mountain winds.,I still want to continue。
“Garden,The sun immediately,Let’s go to the next hill,I want to take a few sets of good shots.。”
“what,Then you can only shoot my body bid for the scene。”
Suzuki can’t help it.,Refers to a hide next to it,Unfortunately:“Let’s take a break,Eat, there is strength to walk。”
“Agree。”Conan fell。
See the line of sight of Maori,Liao Wenjie does not look shrug,All shrine,Flying eaglejackieHu said that eight conclusions,Where to go now。
Push open hook,Four people found a table,Liao Wenjie and Connone do a row,Opposite is Suzuki Garden and Maor Lank。
“Several,What do you want??”
The clerk inquiry,Strike,Set of whitetShirt,Two arms,The eyebrow is also posted a creation of a creation。
“Four fried noodles!”
Suzuki Garden is not intensive,Add one sentence:“My greatest amount,If not,Take me half of the stupid fried noodles。”
“Can,Three-point normal,A maximum amount,What is the requirements??”The clerk patiently looked around Suzuki Garden。
“there is none left。”
Suzuki Garden shakes his head,Smile, spending, looking to Liao Wenjie:“Wen Jiege,And you,Do you want to add a dessert to you??”
“Not eating sweet,thanks。”
Liao Wenjie,I don’t know if it is an illusion.,Just like a murderous lock。