Zhang Zhiqiang finally opened his eyes,Glancing at an exaggerated clock on the opposite side,“Not in a hurry,Where are the brothers?”

“As previously set,Meet at the National Highway Huiyuan Intersection。”Ahao’s respectful answer。
Zhang Zhiqiang nodded,Keep asking:“Two places,How did you arrange?”
“I take people to Fukuyama,Ayi goes to Yunshan。”Ahao weird,Just reported yesterday,Brother has no reason to forget so quickly。Although I think so,But he answered truthfully。
Zhang Zhiqiang frowned and thought for a moment,“Need to change,Let a car go to Fukuyama,Just watch the excitement。other people,Including you, go to Yunshan。”
Ahao was surprised,Temporary change of plan was too sudden,He has been with Zhang Zhiqiang for so long,It’s rare to see him bothering his tongue because of a specific thing,Before, I only looked at the results after explaining things。This time is too unusual,He boldly asked,“brother,People fight in Fukuyama,Let’s run to Yunshan to copy the old nest,What if so many people are empty?”
“Out of nowhere,That is a misjudgment。”Zhang Zhiqiang is very calm,But suddenly the conversation changed,“But do you think Sun Guaizi is really an idiot??”
Ahao was taken aback,I feel like there is something in Brother Qiang’s words,But I couldn’t react for a while。
“Geng Laowu has so many abnormal behaviors,And the official is tightening step by step,Sun Guaizi was silent,Are you waiting to be slaughtered??”Zhang Zhiqiang is here,Suddenly narrowed his eyes。
“Of course I also prepared secretly……”Ahao’s words blurted out,But suddenly I found that it seemed like nonsense,Hurriedly shut up。
Zhang Zhiqiang is not upset,Just ask,“How does he prepare?A very important backer is missing,Several of his brothers have also been defeated by everyone,The only remaining secret power can only be shrunk in the water and sky,Do you think he has a chance?”
Ahao swallowed and foamed,Seems to have a smell,“brother,You mean he wants to run away?”
Zhang Zhiqiang shook his head,Unhappy face,“Fukuyama is his home for many years,Where can he run?”Ahao scratched his head and had to shook his head,On the brain,He is indeed inferior to Tang Shiming,He admits that。
“In my understanding,Although this person is a little conceited,But still have the courage to dare to die,This time he will definitely break the net with Geng Lao Wuyu。”Zhang Zhiqiang said lightly。
“But I still think Sun Guaizi is a little bit closer,Seems too risky?”Ahao still has doubts。
“This is his only choice。”Zhang Zhiqiang smiled,“He is different from Geng Laowu,A big business,One is a blind stream that runs everywhere,If the fight goes on,Geng Laowu has no problems,But Sun Kaizi will be consumed。Fukuyama is his home,Do you think he will catch fire?”
Ahao is a little bit open,“brother,You mean Sun Guaizi also knows where Geng Laowu hides in Yunshan?”
“Yes。”Zhang Zhiqiang nodded,“So if you want to see the excitement, you should go to Yunshan,Fukuyama is just a little trouble。”