People’s Net review kinetic energy, China’s economic thick high quality development advantage

The new crown pneumonia epidemic causes a huge impact on the global economy, and China is the first to resume economic growth. -%,%,%,%, this is the growth rate of growth in my country’s domestic production (GDP) in 2020, highlighting the kinetic energy of China’s economy.

In the first three quarters of 2021, my country’s domestic production value (GDP) reached 823.131 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate, continued recovery, and launched a foundation for the "14th Five-Year Plan". The unprystable bright eye transcripts, showing the potential of China’s economy, especially the advantages of high quality development since the 18th National Congress. Looking back at a hundred years of journey, the Chinese Communists united to lead the people of all ethnic groups across the country to promote revolution, construction, and reform have achieved significant achievements, and have accumulated valuable experience.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has led the people of the country to provide a more complete system guarantee for realizing national rejuvenation, a more solid material foundation, and more active spiritual power.

Especially in the new era, my country’s economic strength and comprehensive national strength have greatly improved, and the economic stability is good, the structural adjustment is optimized, and the people’s lives improve, and the Chinese economies will enter the new voyage.

Take the history and create a future. See why we can succeed in the past, we can understand how the future will continue to succeed and continue to write a new chapter in China’s economic development.

The strength is sharply jumped, and the development is more motivated. Since the 18th National Congress, my country’s comprehensive national strength has been continuously enhanced. In 2020, the GDP (GDP) in China exceeded 1 trillion yuan, becoming a strong engine that pulled the world economy. Today, my country is the world’s second largest economy, the first major industrial country, the first major cargo trade country. From employment, it continues to expand to the price situation. From the development of infrastructure construction, it has continuously improved the development level of the industrial development. We created a rare economic development miracle of the world, and China’s economic strength jumped on new stairs.

The structure is continuously optimized and has more quality.

Under the new situation, it has not sustainable ways that the main relying on resources, capital, labor, and other factors have been mainly relying on the support of economic growth and scale expansion.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have continued to promote power conversion, transformation, structural adjustment.

From the industrial structure, the high-tech industry is booming. The tuning role of service industry is increasing; from demand structure, consumption has become the main driving force of economic growth; from the regional structure, from the eastern part to enter the central and western climbing , Urban and rural, regional coordinated development presents a new pattern; from factor structure, scientific and technological innovation and human capital growth have become an important force for driving economic development. Growth growth is accelerated, and the new motivation engine is constantly emerging, promoting China’s economy to achieve high quality development.

Coordinate two largest organs and develop more space. The Chinese knows that "opening progress has brought progress, closed behind", successively organized the Canton Fair, Service Association, and the Excellence Sales of the Experience to release the open non-stop signal.

In recent years, we have implemented "all the way" as a leading, collaborate with strategic mutual trust, investment economic and trade cooperation, and accelerate human exchanges, and promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern.

From "introduction" to "go out", we continue to build a new advantage of "World Factory", and optimize business environment, so that the Chinese market has become the world market.

It is in interactive interaction with the world, in the relationship between opportunities, destiny and total, China’s economy has received new power and expands new space. People’s livelihood continued to improve, and the development is more different. The improvement of people’s livelihood is the starting point and foothold of economic development. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping is solemn: We have achieved the first hundred years of struggle, comprehensively built a well-off society in China, historically solved absolute poverty.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, our party has built a well-off society in the first place of "four comprehensive" strategic layouts. From the largest social security system to build the world, all of the rural poor people are all governed, and then the national compulsory education is consolidated. Our party adheres to the people-centered, smashes the cake while doing big cakes. The masses generally care about the outstanding problems to achieve economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihood improvement. It must be seen that the international economic environment is complex and more varied, and the domestic economy has increased pressure, and all kinds of risk challenges have increased significantly. China’s economic vault can maintain the right direction.

How to get rid of "speed complex" and "shift anxiety"? How to deal with hegemonism and single-sidedism? The key to inspects the trend of domestic and foreign countries, grasp the inherent law of economic development, leading action with the correct development concept. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

In the new era of Xi Jinping, the socialist thinking is a guide, from proposing the new normal of the economic development, promoting the structural reform of supply side, to implement employment priority strategy, regional development overall strategy, and the Chinese Communists continue to explore the methodology. Centennial Zhengfeng, and start now.

The Chinese economy can be available for the second hundred years of struggle.

We have a strong substance for achieving new and higher goals. We have unique political advantages, institutional advantages, development advantages and opportunities, our economic and social development has many favorable conditions. Seize strategic opportunities, play a unique advantage, China’s economic vault must be able to have a long-distance prospect to develop the great revival of the Chinese nation.

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