Satisfied customer satisfaction as the only standard for inspection work

Yang Huihui, 32 years old, member of the Communist Party of China, assistant engineer, using electric inspection technicians, currently the business class of Linyi Power Supply Company Hedong Customer Service Center. Since the participation in the work in 2008, Yang Hui has always remembered the marketing service concept of "starting from customer needs, finally customer satisfaction", carrying forward the service concept of "you use electricity, I use the heart", establish a sense of service, constantly innovating service Improve the level of service, satisfaction as the only criterion for the test work, and give the customer wholeheartedly, showing the good social image of Linyi power, and has won wide acclaim from all walks of life and our customers. 1, heavy service, the concentric reunion concept is deeply rooted in the mouth, but also in the heart, implement it in action.

Yang Huizhi put forward the concept of "you use electricity, I use heart, customer as a heart", and the customers are "round", marketing services, power grid construction, integrated management, and partners, respectively, "the same heart" second Layers and third floors, established a working mechanism for up and down links, and efficiently serving customers to ensure that customers have no worries. Customers have no small things, put every customer’s needs in mind, and quality service can really root root.

A summer afternoon, an old lady to the business hall inquired electricity bills, Yang Hui Hui helped him to handle business, after querying electricity bills, do not need to pay, the old lady is going to the outside, while the little voice "does not arrears how to stop power "The speaker is inadvertently, the listener is heart, Yang Hui Hui heard this sentence, guessing is a fault in the old people.

I don’t wait for her to ask, the old man has already gone out of the business hall, riding an electric tricycle leaving. Yang Hui Hui hurriedly returned to the business hall, check the information of the elderly, and called the repair personnel together to view.

After the old man got home, I saw Yang Huihui and repair personnel who came later. Surprised, the repair personnel helped the elderly to restore the power supply and explained the original committee, and the old man was unexpected and touched. Thank you Yang Hui’s careful, the power supply service is commendable.

2, reintegrating new, window management is essential in the marketing service position, facing the majority of electricity customers, need innovation management ideas, continuously upgrading the people’s service level.

The peak hours, Yang Huihui and colleagues received thousands of customers, thousands of consultation and processing, and they have to face many different customers every day, but these customers are finally satisfied, her secret is Standing at the customer’s perspective, the "four one" work method is implemented in the window service, that is, a smile, a word greet, a counter, a satisfactory delivery, adhere to the foreign people Familiar with strangers, big companies are the same as small businesses; guarantee acceptance of consultation, and accept the industry to clear, electricity bills.

Yang Huihui actively explored the new way of building management in the modernization team.

With performance management, class refinement management, "Creative" activities as a carrier, summed up four words "catch, real, strict, honest". Around the grasp, that is, the key points, put the quality of service, innovation service, and the means of work, grasp the norm, grasp the implementation; the pursuit of real, carry forward the team spirit, and unite all team employees to form the condensed cohesiveness and heart force, It is really in the ground to unify the company’s development goals and employees’ personal interests; tightness, Standard to solve the actual problem as the main criterion for measuring the effectiveness of innovative service work.

The characteristics of special services, extensions, advanced services, and active services are fully reflected in the service, and the "three zero errors, and zero timeout" three-zero "work mode have played a model opposite. 3, re-study, business quality has improved the quality service work point, Yang Huihui does not stick to this small space in the business hall, turning the vast land of Hedong into a big business hall, turning himself into a flowing window, Low voltages, high payment, high electricity charge, surface desk, service attitude, repair, complaint report, do not participate in business, it seems to be doing things outside the business class, but Yang Hui has recognized their relationship The power supply is a service, which can help customers solve practical problems, is an efficient service.

To this end, she seriously drilled the study, accumulating the accumulation of electricity, and is familiar with the power laws and regulations, the marketing service requirements, and is the "questioning" of the business hall. "I like the problem customers", she often said that "such a service process is challenging, but also the opportunity to improve service.

"Every complained with Hedong finally became her good friend.

In the sesame pier, she used to see the customer six times; in the heavy ditch, in order to cancel the customer’s doubt, she stayed in the farm, and the work style, pragmatic work attitude, solid business quality, all for her Won the praise and recognition of customers. Yang Huihui also sets business qualities as the hard end of the business class, and strives to create a "one cabinet" "one special multi-energy" talent.

In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the operating window personnel, Yang Huihui uses the rainbow service studio, regularly carrying out etiquette training, learning exchange, and adds the service etiquette, Mandarin, Electricity major, etc., CD and tape, and formulate the "learning room training system" and training program.

Monthly launched a big lecture hall, "everyone is talking about Taiwan people as an expert", and invites professional experts from electricity bills, industrial expansion, metering and other professional experts to participate in the guidance, explain the problem, analyze, "not only know one, but also two".

A complaint case analysis will be conducted every Friday, and analyze customer comments and customer satisfaction, find out the weak links in our work, and rectify.

Organize "if I am a customer" "There is also an hour from the complaint and one hour" and other topic speeches, improve the "transparent thinking ability".

In the business skill competition activities in each business hall, the learning situation is implemented "Every Monday Test, a Month Test", will be hook the assessment, the results of the competition and the economic assessment, and recorded the year-end evaluation tree.

Regularly conduct post-rotation, the knowledge will be applied to actual work, continuously improve staff learning enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Through a variety of formal training, effectively improvement and improvement of employee civilization awareness, service awareness, efficiency awareness, achieving business skills, knowledge is comprehensive, and truly achieving a lot of energy.

4, heavy love, rainbow service warm people Yang Huihui is the captain of the Head of Rainbow Communist Party Serva Service Team, the backbone of the Love Association, her business class, is the demonstration post of Lei Feng, youth volunteers. Post. In a special period such as holidays, Spring and Autumn Inspection, Yang Huihui leads the business class employees to issue warm service cards, warm SMS tips, and establish a special customer service file, establish a special customer service file, regularly launch the service, etc. Love volunteer event, children of Jiuqu Primary School, the old people of Tangtou Nursing Home are familiar with the enthusiastic girls who regularly on-site service.

In the past eight years of power supply service, Yang Huihui has not received a customer complaint and truly realizes the self-request of zero complaints.

Personal has won the provincial company "excellent class leader", Shandong "user satisfied service star", Linyi Power Supply Company "Women’s Consultant", "Service Model" and other honorary titles. Under her driving, the team colleague is actively enterprising, united, and its management’s marketing service window has been awarded the Shandong Provincial Youth Civilization No. ", the National Network Shandong Electric Power Company" Worker Pioneer ", National Network Shandong Province The "Advanced Team", Linyi City "Excellent Excellent Demonstration Window" for the People’s Service, ".

In 2016, the Shandong Electric Power Corporation team was ranked first in 42 similar classes in the province. Yang Huihui often warns himself, honor and grades have become the past. In future work, to advance to higher goals, all things need to be done.

Satisfied customer satisfaction as the only standard for inspection work! (National Network Linyi City Power Supply Company).