Quanshui Town, Pubei County: Do a good job in "three micro-lists" to stimulate the new vitality of party organizations

Since the reunion of the "two committees" this year, the party committee of Quanshui Town, Guangxi Province, focused on improving the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the grassroots party, actively exploring the integration of action learning law into the promotion of grassroots party organizations to promote "Three Listings" is the starting point, effectively improve the new vitality of the grassroots party organization, and put more strong and powerful for each party organization.

Grasping the micro-clear list, lighting the "Lighthouse" "" Lighthouse "", through the issue of our own self-examination and the town party, we have a very clear problem in our party building every quarter, and there is also a further in the direction of improvement. Clearly, work in the heart, there is a very good gas, the efficiency is much higher. "He Zhongwen, the secretary of the Pingyang Village Party Party Branch, Quanshui Town. The party committee of Quanshui Town is guided, organized various villages (communities) to regularly carry out a non-three self-examination in accordance with the requirements of the party’s party construction business in the superiors and the grassroots party construction, and the town party construction shall be self-investigated by the town. The problem, the town contact the village leaders, cadres feedback on the problems of the people and the difficult problems reflected in the people to collect summary, combing classification, and forming a micro-clear order for the town party committee to improve the party organization combat power to provide precision direction. Currently, there are more than 50 problems, and there is a problem with 8 aspects.

"Energy" "" Energy "" "Energy" "" "" "" I don’t have to go to the village, we can learn about the party construction knowledge, everyone is warmly discussed with how to make up the short board to improve business skills, and very strong It is very impressed by work.

"I just went to the selection of students from the Secretary of the Party Branch of Quanshui Town. The party committee of the party committee, the party committee of the Town Party Committee, personally took the lead, contact the village (community) leadership, the party building of the town party The business has exceeded the different problems in various villages (community) party construction, and they will give pragmatic and effective improvement of micro-clear orders. Take the precision training mode of the delivery to the door, directly put the training location to the village, Put it into the field floor of the problem to solve the problem, a problem is a problem to analyze the solution, practicing the basic skills and hard collar for the people to solve the "hurry" problem. Currently, the training is 10 times, training villages (community More than 40 cadres. Cut the project micro-clear order, answer "test volume" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Table, earnestly integrate the party building into the villages in the village, so that the work is better, more solid, and more effective.

"This is the goal of the Secretary of the Headquarters of the Hengliu Village Party in Quanshui Town, in the Town Party Construction Business Experience Exchange Conference. The party committee of Quanshui Town According to various villages (communities), the status of the party building all the tasks is allocated to form a micro-Qing single list. To regularly carry out the party building work exchange meeting as a power of promotion as a civilian practical practice, we have a good "shooting village" to share, share a good idea, to make a statement on the relatively backward village, in-depth analysis of the cause Promote various villages (communities) to grasp the party construction work to form a good situation you catch me.

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