Blow water: mobile teenage palace into the campus ignited children’s science dreams

The students made ejection cyclones.

In order to improve the scientific quality and practical ability of adolescents, the science knowledge is integrated into the campus. On November 11th, the "Flow Juvenile Palace" "Mobile Juvenile Palace" in Hengshui Miao Autonomous County enters the sixth elementary school in Rongshui Town and leads students to enter the magical. The world of technology allows students to enjoy the happiness brought by technology. At the event, the teachers demonstrated the rockets, remotely fixed-wing aircraft, echo plane, and scratch-free, remote control, four-axis aircraft, three-way racing, remote control electric racing.

The wonderful demonstrations of teachers have created a strong scientific atmosphere, and students are attracted by magical science. In the experience activities launched, students participated in the operational practice under the guidance of staff and teachers, and experienced three power racing, remote control electric racing, 3D print pen and other science equipment operation experience activities.

According to reports, the event allows how many students in the sixth elementary school in Rongshui Town feel the infinite charm of science and technology, and inspires children to explore science interests. Children have said that they must learn more technological knowledge in the future, master more Knowledge and skills.

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