Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders in 2020

Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders in 2020

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  In 2020, Buffett’s letter to shareholders came to the chief of the organization. On average, he was optimistic about the main line of technology investment. Source: Voice of the Securities Daily.The company has also announced its 2019 financial 北京夜网 results.

Because global capital is interlinked, as the most prestigious value investment master, Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway company’s investment trends have attracted the attention of global investors. Its key investment areas may be A shares.Investors bring some inspiration.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter based on the investor’s concerns about investment returns, stock selection criteria, heavy stocks and other hot keywords to conduct a brief review.

  Keyword 1: “Investment return” performance data, as a key indicator of investment return, has attracted much attention from the market.

From the Berkshire Hathaway Company’s 2019 annual report released this time, the net profit attributable to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders in 2019 reached 814.

$ 1.7 billion, with an estimated net profit of 40 in the same period last year.

$ 2.1 billion.

  Among them, the fourth quarter net profit was 291.

USD 5.9 billion, a net replacement of 253 over the same period last year.

USD 9.2 billion realized a loss; Class A shares gained.

79.09 million US dollars, better than the same period last year is enough to become a.

US $ 54.67 million; Class B shares expected earnings11.

$ 94, better than the net purity of 10 in the same period last year.

31 dollars.

Berkshire Hathaway’s cash reserves for the fourth quarter were $ 127.9 billion, slightly lower than the record high of $ 128 billion for the third quarter.

  Second: “Stock Selection Criteria” Buffett stated in the shareholder letter that he is constantly seeking to acquire new enterprises that meet the three criteria.

First, net tangible capital must yield good returns.

First, it must be managed by competent and honest managers.

Finally, it must be bought at a reasonable price.

  Buffett said at this time last year that he was looking for an “elephant” acquisition, but the high price prevented him from making a large deal.

  Keyword three: “Heavy Storage” The top ten stocks of Berkshire Hathaway are Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express, Wells Fargo, United Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Moody’s, Delta Air LinesAnd Bank of New York Mellon.

  Not sharp out, technology and banking stocks are still the “share god” favorite.

Among them, Apple is still the largest heavy stock of Berkshire Hathaway.

The company holds a total of 2.

5.1 billion Apple shares outstanding, accounting for 5.

7%, the holding cost is 352.

$ 8.7 billion.

As of the end of 2019, the market value of Apple stock held by Berkshire Hathaway has reached 736.

$ 6.7 billion, with a profit of 383.

$ 800 million.

  Combined with the performance of the A-share market, the technology sector represented by electronics has experienced an alarming increase in 2019, and the electronics sector has gradually increased by 111.

01%, ranking first in 28 categories of Shenwan first-level industry.

And the market performance of the banking sector in 2019 is also remarkable, gradually achieving 20.

49% increase.

  In fact, the technology sector, as an important force in the A-share market, has been considered by various institutions as the main line for transforming direct investment.

  Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund, said in an interview with “Securities Daily” that “emerging blue chip stocks represented by science and technology, also called the new economy, will gradually grow into another important pillar of the equity market.
Investors are advised to focus on core technology areas that are encouraged by countries such as chips, software, artificial intelligence, and new energy.
“Xiamen Zhang, chief strategy analyst of China Merchants Securities (Jin Qilin analyst), said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter.The occurrence of the epidemic event may have a certain impact on local production efficiency. The supply of products is in the initial state, which will transform the sectors such as semiconductor batteries and components to maintain a strong layout.

“” The science and technology field is still one of the main investment directions this year. According to the analysis of the development of the technology cycle, it is generally from hardware to software and from equipment to applications.

As the prosperity of the entire industry is still in an upward trend, some application-oriented areas such as the Internet of Things and digital currencies should be more worthy of attention.

Zhang Xia said to reporters.