“That’s good!You go to investigate Lin Yoona’s whereabouts every day,See if there are any patterns,Or is there any opportunity to start?”Qiao Shan ordered。

Wu Yibo frowned,Asked:“Lord Qiao,Shouldn’t it be done while the iron is hot??Why wait a few days?In my opinion,Why don’t we do it tomorrow!”
“Is your head broken by Xiao Fan??”Qiao Shan shouted immediately:“Hands on tomorrow,You see, you look like you are suitable for tomorrow,I’m still good for tomorrow?”
Wu Yibo looked angry at Qiao Shan,Quickly apologize:“Sorry,Sorry,Lord Qiao,I’m too impatient,I will start to investigate Lin Yoona’s whereabouts tomorrow!”
Qiao Shan saw Wu Yibo say this,Only then did he calm down and said:“You are impatient,I think you are anxious to get that Lin Yoona, right?,do not worry,As long as someone catches it then,I will give it to you!”
Listen to Wu Yibo,Suddenly enraged,but,Compliment on the face:“How can this be?When the time comes, Master Qiao, look at it first,If Lin Yoona gets into your eyes,You just stay,I have nothing to say,how about it?”
“All right,Get out of here!”Looked at my arm,Said:“I will give you a week to investigate this matter,Then you bring me the results of the investigation,This time we must do it with one blow。”
“okay!Lord Qiao,rest well then,I’m going now,Wait for my good news!”After Wu Yibo finished,Turn off the lights for Qiao Shan thoughtfully,Brought the door again,I left the hospital happily。
Wu Yibo walking out of the hospital door,He even hummed a song happily,It feels like I have successfully humiliated Xiao Fan,I got Lin Yoona。
Lin House bedroom!
As usual, Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona are still lying in bed reading,One is sitting on the ground,Leaning against the wall and reading,Neither of them spoke。
But if you observe carefully,You can see,The corners of each of them are slightly raised,A faint smile hung on the corners of two people’s mouths at the same time。
Lin Yuner secretly aimed at Xiao Fan underground,It’s been so long,Xiao Fan has been sleeping on the ground,Never complained,Should I let Xiao Fan go back to bed??After all, they are legal couples!
Thought of here,Lin Yoona unconsciously blocked her slightly hot face with a book,What are you thinking?