so,This memorial is really from the Qing Dynasty?Brother Hu said good,Should be good。Xiao Gao’s eyes lit up,Asked the stall owner:“How to sell?”

“Fifty yuan a book,Not many books。”
“I said there are not many books,Before you,I have sold several copies at this price。”The stall owner refuses to suffer,Whether it’s a genuine product from the Qing Dynasty,But since the first 50 yuan can be sold,Of course he would not lower the price。
Especially seeing this young man’s desire to buy,More determined,Bite the price,A look that will not worry about selling:Love to buy or not!
“I want them all,give a discount!”Xiao Gao is a little bold,Actually want to eat all。
of course,Take it all,Didn’t spend a lot of money,Even if everything else is fake,He can’t lose much。
“Then it’s five yuan cheaper each!”The stall owner thought for a while,All necessary,It might be cheaper,Do business!
“ten bucks!”
The stall owner shook his head:“Six here,For ten dollars,That’s sixty yuan cheaper,A few catties of pork,No way。”
Ok!Xiao Gao gave money in a painful way,Take down all six memorials。
Wen Wenhao shook his head slightly,Winked at this guy just now,But he didn’t even see,Very depressed。