Yunxiang is by Qin Feng’s side,He looked at Qin Feng and asked:“boss,It should be impossible for those guys to be caught,But how can the impact of this be eliminated??”

What Qin Feng considers is revenge,Because in his opinion this kind of thing cannot have a big impact,But Yunxiang is different,He is very clear that this kind of thing has not been handled properly,What kind of storm it will turn into。
“Tell the truth directly,Then offer a reward of 100,000 yuan,Who will catch someone by then,Whoever we pay。”Qin Feng knows this method is the simplest and rude。
Don’t talk about other things,There must be a brave man under the reward。
Although there is not much clue here,But as long as you have money, are you afraid that some people can’t help it??
“One hundred thousand yuan?”Yunxiang said hesitantly:“This number does not seem to be enough?”
“Oh?”Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiang with some doubts,This number should be considered a very large number locally。
Don’t look at this village being demolished,Then they are all tyrants。
But the reality is even more bizarre,Because the people around are poor clinking,There are still people here who dislike one hundred thousand less,This is something worth asking。
of course,It’s impossible for Qin Feng to doubt Yunxiang’s mind,He knows Yunxiang thinks more than him。
“boss,Now we have been stared like this,It might turn into a big storm,Might even be told,Our quality is not good,I want to deliberately suppress things here。”
But if we come to a million,If someone can really catch someone,That can play a marketing role,Also, those people may come out and get money by themselves?
Yunxiang is 10,000 people who don’t believe that someone will spend a million to place explosives,To die is to give tens of thousands of yuan,Even tens of thousands of dollars may not be willing to give。
In this situation,from
One million on my side。
Some people will be tempted if they are not sure。
The wages of avarice is death,Such things abound。
“You really can,Just do as you say,Get the money out of your special fund,And you also get a 100,000 yuan bonus,This is what i said。”