Even Yang Zhe looked unwilling,Braced and got up,Rushed out staggeringly。

Why is he better than Qin Feng in every aspect,But it will fall into this field?
But just rushed out,Most of the suffocation in Yang Zhe’s heart dissipated with the wind。
The dean is blocking the door,Holding a strip in hand.child,Looking at Qin Feng fiercely。
The boys in the class who were still heartbroken a second before became excited immediately。
Qin Feng,Will soon become a bereaved dog!
“Qin Feng,I tell you Qin Feng,You’re done,School blocked you,You can’t come in from now on!Offend me,This is the end!”
The dean was laughing wildly,Yang Zhe and Zhang Lili kept saying satire,Everyone looked at Qin Feng,Become ironic。
“Qin Feng,or……”
Charlene next to him gave him a worried look,About to speak,But was stopped by Qin Feng。
“You are too happy,What’s the big deal?I used to have good grades,I might still get the city’s college entrance examination champion!”
“Come here with open mouth,Just when you were a sports genius,A single test may not be able to test the province’s champion。Just rely on you300Cultural class?”
Yang Zhe chuckled and laughed。
“Is it possible that your head is also broken??Charlene,Look at him like this,It’s not worth your post!”
Zhang Lili also sneered,While talking,Still quietly provoking the relationship between Qin Feng and Xia Lin。
“Since you don’t believe it,Then let’s play a game,See if I will be the top pick in the college entrance examination in three months!”
A trace of coldness flashed in Qin Feng’s eyes,These two guys are really excitedàn),Still ridiculing at this time。In that case,Then don’t blame Qin Feng for making them unable to cry even after three months!
“OK,I don’t know what you want to play?”