“This emotional intelligence,ToolowIs it?”

Huang Xiaoding had to complain,If he were not afraid of this humanoid female tyrannosaurus,I went up to give some advice。
“Oh,and then,Do you want to soak me?”
Ye Cunxin is also very straightforward,There is a dashing and heroic female soldier。
“bubble?No no no,I want to pursue you,”Qin Hao shook his head quickly。
Although he thought so in his heart,But can’t show it。
“There are so many people who want to pursue me,But at least he is better than me,”Ye Cunxin wanted to tease him。
It was the first time that she met a suitor who expressed her pursuit so directly。
“Are you kidding?Am i not strong yet?Look at my muscles。”
Qin Hao bulges his biceps,Motion to Ye Cunxin to take a look。
“The feats I mentioned above,Who did it?”
“such,As long as you become an elite member of the Jagged Blade,I promised you how?”
Ye Cunxin didn’t take Qin Hao’s words to heart,Deliberately threw out a seemingly impossible request。
I want to let Qin Hao let go,But this is exactly what Qin Hao meant。
“A word,Elite members,I’m coming。”