Is morning the best time to exercise?

Is morning the best time to exercise?

The Chinese are diligent. Due to the influence of “the plan of the day lies in the morning”, most people who love to exercise have the habit of doing morning exercises, but early morning is not the right time to exercise.

  First of all, let’s look at the external factors: First, the plants also absorb oxygen at night and exhale carbon dioxide. Therefore, in places with many trees, barium carbonate is collected in the morning.

  The second is that abnormalities occur at night in the inversion layer, resulting in poor morning air.

At night, the wind speed is small, a temperature inversion layer appears in the air several tens of meters near the ground, the atmosphere is stable, and the parasites stay above the ground surface, making it difficult to spread.

In autumn, winter and spring, the near-surface inversion layer is the least likely to spread due to air pollutants at around 6 in the morning.

  Third, the cold stimulus itself can induce vascular embolism and cause vascular embolism or infarction on the basis of complications.

  At this point, let’s take a look at the internal factors of the human body: because there is no or little water overnight, the blood is thick in the morning, which increases the risk of vascular intervention. After getting up, the sympathetic nerves are increased and the heartbeat is accelerated. The heart itself needs more blood; 9 in the morning?
At 10 o’clock, the highest blood pressure of the day, the previous morning was a stroke, and the time of infarction was prone.

The first “devil time” in medicine.

  Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people, especially people with heart and cerebrovascular disease risk factors, and patients with heart and cerebrovascular disease, should not do physical exercise in the morning.

You can do lighter exercises in the morning, such as doing radio gymnastics, playing Taijiquan, dancing swords, and walking.

  So, when is the right time to exercise?

Around 5 o’clock is best, followed by 2 after dinner?
3 hours.

Because at this time, the human body’s ability to adapt and coordinate the body is equal, especially the heart rate and blood pressure are relatively stable, the most suitable for physical exercise.

From the external environment, at this time, the plant had photosynthesis for one day, the oxygen content was too much, and the temperature was moderate, which was conducive to exercise.

If office workers can’t exercise in the afternoon, can they work at 9?
Work around 10 o’clock.

Exercise at this time can completely relax the brain and relieve mental tension.

Work out at night or consume excessive intake of toxicity, reducing exceptional storage.