Chinese medicine fragrance! Anguo farmers have a "good party"

The effect of "doing a good one will be a city" is very honored to be the main contract of the fourth Baoding City Travel Service, which is the expectation and heavy trust of Baoding Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and the trust of the people of the city. expect. To undertake an important opportunity to promote industrial innovation and upgrading, we will take advantage of the important platform for development results. We will take advantage of the international influence of modern Chinese medicine. Will, engage in a good effect of a city.

First, do a big strong Chinese herbal medicine market.

Through the huge popularity and traffic brought by the Travel General, vigorously promote the newly upgraded Chinese herbal medicine transaction wholesale market, and conduct a centralized and unified management of zero-scattered Chinese herbal materials, and the comprehensive standardization is improved, and further prosper the Anguo market. The second is to speed up the construction of projects. Using the conference project centralized signing, introducing a batch of integrated strength, contributing high, further enriched industrial categories, providing powerful kinetic energy in promoting high quality development.

The third is to comprehensively call the Kanguarian tourism brand. With the opportunity of organizing the Travel Service, it is carefully to build Chinese medicine medicine, let visitors can worship the king, visit the medicine, enjoy the medicine, medicinal meals, drinking medicine, drinking medicine tea, a medicated bath, watch the drug Let the guests "I don’t want to go, I still want to come."