How to tell a story to your baby?

How to tell a story to your baby?

My son is 2 1/2 years old.

Since he was about 1 year old, I insist on telling stories to him every night.

But now, this has become a hassle.

Every night he told me a story after story, and it was endless as soon as it was told.

I was so sleepy that I couldn’t lift my eyelids. He hadn’t heard enough.

Sometimes I have to listen to the same story several times, and I don’t think it has any meaning at all. I want to give him another story to tell.

How to do it?

  Beijing Xiaoyang has gone from “bargaining” to “combining rewards and punishments.” Xiaohan is 4 1/2 years old.

From 1 and a half years old, he listens to bedtime stories every night.

I’ve also had experience telling 5 “baby pics” one night.

The adult talked dry and drowsy, but the child could hear his eyes drowsy and drowsy.

In order to change this situation, we slowly explored two methods: Method 1.
Before bargaining every night, I first asked Xiaohan: “How many stories will you tell tonight?

“At the beginning he reported 10, I said too much, only 4 can be said.

Then he took the initiative to drop to nine. I said it was still too much, let’s talk about five.

After some bargaining, 7 deals were concluded and everyone was happy.

He felt victorious, and my purpose was achieved.

After he got used to it, I slowly lowered the “quote”: from four to three, to two, one.

In the end, the number of transactions was also repeated from 7 to 3.

It is interesting that this kind of “bargaining” storytelling turned into a parent-child game that must be done every night before going to bed, happy and warm.

  Method 2.
After the reward and punishment method of telling 3 stories every night became a habit, I introduced the “reward and punishment mechanism” in the storytelling process.

Sometimes in order to urge him to wash his face and brush his teeth quickly, I told him that if the washing was completed within 5 minutes, he would be rewarded with a story; sometimes he had a very good performance during the day, and I also rewarded him with a story.

Conversely, if he brushed his teeth and washed his face slowly, or made a clear mistake during the day, I would punish 1 story.

Because this reward and punishment method is directly related to his behavior, it is very effective in developing his self-discipline and self-control ability.

  In addition, no matter which method is used, pay attention: don’t tell too many stories at a time, half-hungry state is more conducive to keeping children’s interest in reading; also give children the right to choose stories, and pay attention to their reading preferences.

  Shandong Hu Li recorded a part of my mother’s reservation. My son has been sleeping with his mother’s lullaby since he was half a year old, and he likes to listen to those two or three old songs.

Later, because his mother needed to work night shifts frequently, coaxing his son to sleep became our number one problem.

  Once, I couldn’t bear the trouble of the little guy, so I lowered my voice and imitated his mother’s voice to read him a nursery rhyme. It didn’t happen that it really worked. The little guy fell asleep for a while.

So the next day, I found a repeater and asked his mother to record a few “reservations” of himself.

At night, when I coaxed my son to sleep, I gave it to him again.

In this way, my labor force was liberated.

  Shandong Wang Haiyang seduced him with a beautiful dreamland. My son was just 3 years old.

Every night before going to bed, he always asked me to tell a story, telling one after another, he just refused to sleep.

  Once, I was so tired that I didn’t want to tell any more, so I made up a story: as long as you fell asleep, you would enter a dreamland.

Dreamland is a beautiful large garden with lots of children and everything you like.

And, Mom will be there, waiting to tell you many wonderful stories.

With vivid words and exaggerated expressions, I turned dreamland into a seductive place.
The son was fascinated by the sound.

So I took the opportunity to say, “Then go to bed and go to sleep.
“The son readily agreed.

Then we said goodnight to each other.

Soon, the son fell asleep sweetly.

  Story CDs help my son to jump and also love to listen to bedtime stories, and I often tell him.

But sometimes, I really do n’t have time, so I will ask my assistant-story CD to help.

  Before jumping around, I bought him a few story CDs, which contained many classic fairy tales.

Emotional split-character predictions, coupled with children’s songs that match the storyline, are lively and interesting, and can be easily satisfied as many times as you want.

If I don’t have time to tell him the story in person, I will give him a CD.

He listened and fell asleep.

  About 2 years old, you can choose the CD you want to listen to and put it in the CD player. You can select the story you want to hear by operating the number buttons on the remote control.

  Zheng Min from Zhejiang listened to her mother’s story about the past, starting from the age of 2 in the morning. She would also tell her story before going to bed.

However, mom’s story is always changing.

Because I often help Chenchen recall what happened during the day before going to bed.

When it comes to interesting things, Chen Chen giggles.

Sometimes, I would also remind her that some things are not doing well today, some push the children, be rude to grandma and so on, and Chen Chen will also accept with an open mind.

  After telling the day, I started telling her stories.

However, from the beginning I told her to tell up to 3 stories.

If she must ask for more, that’s good, she can only say one less tomorrow night.

Adhering to this principle remains the same, and Chenchen quickly got used to it.

After I told 3 stories, she knew it was time to sleep.