Because they don’t know,what is happening。

“Wei Leader,I have something to tell you,Don’t know it’s convenient??”Gao Yu looked at Wei Guoqiang with a serious face and said,He is also anxious。
“come in。”Wei Guoqiang said lightly,As long as there is no big situation,Even Gao Hao can’t help him。
This is also a very realistic situation,Some capable people,Don’t panic。
Because the local security is supported by Wei Guoqiang。
After all a small place,There are many kinds of monsters,If there isn’t a strong police station,It’s easy to get into trouble。
Many people don’t understand this situation,Because just go out and do things,That all aspects may be related。
If there weren’t these people crushing the monsters,What will this happen,Anyone can think of。
“Is it safe to talk in this place?”Gao Yu also took a very careful look and said:
“no need to worry,Every day when i am at work,I always check this place。”Although Wei Guoqiang is nothing shameful,But he is even more aware that these things are better to be cautious。
“tonight,Our boss might have a banquet at Tianguang,Someone will poison him then,But he is not sure that those people will be poisoned tonight,I was arranged to stare at the kitchen,I don’t know what to do with this。”
Gao Yu also said very directly:“Don’t know what Leader Wei gave?I will be grateful。”
Some words are so straightforward,You helped me this time,I will help you next time。
This is what Gao Yu wants to express。
Wei Guoqiang also pondered for a while and said:“Are you sure you will have a banquet over there tonight?”