“Charle,Have more powerful opponents,Actually, there is so many weapons to you.。”

“Boss,This time, the opponent can’t be called people.,He can block our bullets,And is freehand。”
This exit,Opposite is also silent。
They are not afraid that each other is too powerful,I am afraid that the other party is not a person.。
As long as it can be called not a person,So they can’t deal with them.。
That is no longer something that weapons can deal with.。
“How is Elock?!”
“Have been dead,He doesn’t listen to me to persuade,I will chase myself.,The result was killed by a piece of leaves.。”
Say,Charle also took the scene and passed it back.。
“You come back.,This task cancels。”
Although a lot of one million,But for red spiders,Nostalvation is the most important。
I can’t afford to die for one million dead.。
Charle heard this,The heart is also a breather.。
I immediately said that I quickly rushed back.。
He rented a cold car.,Then put the bodies of Elke,I returned to their base.。
soon,The red spider is also received by Guan Yun.。
“Let your boss call,Just say the Wolf Mission。”
Listen to the Wolf Mission Group,The other party is also shocked。
After all, the Wolf mercenary group under Guanyun is also a famous existence of Hech.,Not much smaller than the red spider。
Even some respects is more than red spiders。
“Head of the head,What do you have to find me??
If I don’t remember the fault, I have always been a well water that does not commit a river.!”
I heard the other party will use Huaxia’s name,Guan Yun is also a glimpse。
But followed by cold and cold:“Today, your people have assassinated me twice.,You should know this thing.?”
how is this possible?”
“Humph,The mercenition killed by the leaves is your people.?”
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-nine chapters
Guan Yun, this exit,The other party directly caught into silence。
How did the red leaves did not expect that the mercenary group of Guanyun would have such a master.,Such a master can be said to be crushed their existence。
“We are our people,But it is definitely not murdering you.,But we have received a task,Self assassination, Xiaoxia Youth。”