Fang Fang took a sip of water,Big eyes blinked twice and said:“What else?Idle,I am not as beautiful as a parent,tender,Not considerate,Can’t do anything yet,Only fists”When the girl talked about fist,Also made two gestures。

Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,She understands that Fang Fang is eating Zhou Li’s jealousy,This woman’s mind may not be too small, right!
Xia Jian’s Thoughts:“How about you being a bodyguard for me for a month?One month is over,Let’s choose from both sides”
Chick,Fang Fang squirted out the water he drank in his mouth,She laughed:“Stop teasing, okay,Be your bodyguard,You are much better than me,Moreover,I heard that your boss is temporary,Need to be so ostentatious?”
“Seriously”Xia Jian whispered。
Fang Fang stopped smiling,Seriously:“Thank you!You don’t have to pity me,Actually my job is almost done,Up to two months,I can officially go to work”
“It’s not two months from now,Now you are idle and you are idle,Might as well help me,I really need you”Xia Jian said seriously。
Fang Fang’s big eyes flashed twice,Xia Jian knows,She is only now considering what he just said。
“Row!Who let us know”Fang Fang raised his head,Readily agreed。
Xia Jian hesitated,Fang Fang said with a smile:“But I have to explain in advance,This is dangerous,You can consider not helping me”
“Really,Always watching people in the cracks of the door,Put people down,There is a challenge when there is danger,I like,I’ll help with this”Fang Fang said,Fist like an iron hammer,Knock on the table。
This matter brooks no delay,Xia Zhima grabbed the phone on the table,Let Wang Lin quickly get Fang Fang’s identity as a company employee,Otherwise he will take it with him,Bad name。
Wang Lin,Really have nothing to say,Less than ten minutes,Fang Fang has been given a work card for security personnel。Seeing Fang Fang’s happy look,Wang Lin lowered her voice,Ask Xia Jiandao:“President Xia,Is she really okay??I think she was reckless,I always feel not like you said”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Didn’t answer Wang Lin directly,But speak loudly:“Fang Fang,You are now an employee of the startup group,Then there should be employees,A while,You study hard with Secretary Wang”
Wang Lin immediately understood,Chong Fangfang waved and said:“Let’s go!Go to my office,I will train you”
“what?Go now!People still go to work tomorrow”Fang Fang looked upset,But she said so,People still follow Wang Lin。
This person’s problem is solved,The next step depends on the financial progress,Can Jin Yimei take care of this??Xia Jian didn’t know what to do,Hope it goes well,Otherwise this matter will get stuck here,The next step cannot be advanced at all。
Afternoon,Just started work,Xia Jian called Wang Lin to the office,Let her hurry up the work of the audit team,He must give Fang Fang and Zhang Sangui a simulation training,Otherwise, I really encounter problems,Everyone can cope。