Shanxi: College graduates founded small micro enterprises to maximum loans 3 million yuan

  Original title: College graduates found small micro-enterprises, the highest loan, 3 million yuan, October 22, the Provincial People’s Social Security Office interprets the university graduate employment entrepreneurship policy, which conduct individual business graduates, can Apply for a startup guarantee loan up to 300,000 yuan. If you create a small micro business, you can apply for an entrepreneurial guarantee loan up to 3 million yuan, and enjoy the fiscal discount as required. Our province encourages unidentified college graduates to participate in employment trainees for 3 to 12 months.

During the period, the employment trainee is given to the basic living expenses of the employment trainee not less than the local minimum wage.

At the same time, encourage the trainee to improve the application rate, and give a labor contract for the tragedy of the past period and the graduate, it gives the study unit remaining deadlines. For the units of consistent consumption of higher than 50%, improve the trainee subsidy standard.

  Our province will leave school for two years, unidentified college graduates and establishment of PEA, poor families, all incorporated into vocational skills promotion, and helps them at least master a special skill, and give vocational training subsidies according to regulations and Living fee subsidies.

After training, vocational skill appraisal subsidies can be enjoyed through the initial vocational skills or certificates or special professional certificates. For college graduates with independent entrepreneurship and normal operating within 6 months, you can enjoy the highest 2,000 yuan per year, up to 3 years. For college students, participate in entrepreneurial training, can train 150 yuan per person according to entrepreneurial awareness, and establish a standard of 500 yuan per person to give college subsidies. College graduates participated in the provincial entrepreneurial competition was rated as an excellent project. After the award, I can give 100,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan award.

(Reporter Li Tao).