People’s Fighong Review: Resolutely say that it is not coming to the inferior news of the sneak!

At the moment of the whole country to create a Qinglan network space, some netizens have found that some sneaked net red is retrofitted after being named after being sealed, with the change of the name, wearing a mask. The title, it means that there is no such person. If the sneaked net red change to change the face, you can fight the rivers and lakes, and sell them or "familiar formula" "The original taste" is undoubtedly the public. The sink is blocked, no sympathy. In recent years, the live industry has prosperous, and the star dream of a lot of grassroots.

However, individual net red ride reversal, mixing the circle to smoke.

The famous "Guo Teacher" is called the "top flow" of the online trial. "" "" The title, after the sale of live sales; online music

The words and deeds of inferior network red trial monsters have no lower limit, with the social power, and hateful and shameful, enabling such accounts.

The inferior network is still rising, and it must be resolute.

A civilized and open society is to make mistakes, resisting the sneak net red is not to kill the one stick, the problem is that they have no traces of the hearts in the words and deeds. Singba was sold by selling fake bird’s nest. After lifting the ban, I apologize to the netizens after the ban, but I staged a "Feng Road" drama of the Wei Feng on the day of the day; "Guo Teacher" is the first use of the trumpet after being sealed. Calling, after a month, I will cover the appearance of the camouflage, covering the boss; Guo Meimei is not renovating for how long is the name of Guo Yixi, continuing to confuse the visitor … These people have pursued red, earn a lot of money At the same time, the reason always maintains the respect and kindness to the food, her parents, but can only have traffic in their eyes, only "money" in the heart, depending on the netizens "leeks", it is inevitable to incite them to bury their own trend. The inferior network is red and wearing a "vest" to roll the soil, and the platform is difficult to blame. Renamen, wearing mask, and the microphone, borrowing the live broadcast of others … similar to the netizens can be seen in a glance, the platform can be seen. Individual net red live career, not a stop-sketch, is on the way to be banned, and the result is still available in seven months and a half months, so that three cup penalties are completely in the form. Some netizens believe that the platform and network red anchor is a symbiotic relationship, as long as you don’t touch the bottom line, the platform naturally will not hurt the killer. If this is true, it exposes the related platform in the big unclear.

In fact, it is precisely because of the loss of interest, the platform can’t "open the green light" for the sneak light. Otherwise, a few mice will break a pot of porridge.

The "Notice on the Integrated Governance Work of Entertainment" is clearly pointed out in the relevant departments, and it is necessary to increase the punishment of illegal verson artists and prohibiting the negative transition of the inability to transfer the position. Based on this, the inferior network will not come back, it is a clear account.

(Editor: Tong Zong Li, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.