Changsha County Youth Training Camp Association Exhibition

People’s Daily Network Changsha November 16th is to show youthful style, all-round presentation of youth cadres thinking, logical thinking, oral expression ability, November 14, Hunan Changsha County Youth Cadre Training Camp held a wonderful Debate selection. On the morning, the 16th Youth Training Camp representatives were divided into two groups of preliminary princes, and the key to "the key to the growth of young people in the new era is also a subtraction." The wonderful language explained the road to the growth of young cadres in his mind. The arguments are based on the actual work and the actual life, and the layers are deeply in-depth and launched the argument.

The square arguments are struggling to fight, from the "slash youth" and other popular labels, combined with everyone’s learning life in the Qing training camp, "everyone is in the history of Qing training, learning etiquette, learning speech, learning The debate is a process of doing addition. "

The anti-party arguing has been drawn from the perspective of "unwanted", "resemblance", "return to the initial heart" of subtraction, and the need to decide the need for subtraction of youth cadres. The precision of the arguments is precise and strong, and it is strong and powerful. The reaction is flexible and fast, the whole game climax, a wonderful, a fierce atmosphere infected every audience present.

After the debate, the students under the stage combined with what they thought in the process of observation debate, launched a debate on the game.

After the exciting presence of all links, the final scene audience selected the debate finals. Defenseists took the game and enjoyed a language of confrontation, and the feast of thought.

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