Armed Police Guigang Detachment officers and men to donate blood to relieve blood pressure

In order to alleviate the blood supply pressure in the center of the blood station, the hospital’s clinical blood, recently, the Guiping Squadron, Guiping Squadron, Guiping Squadron, Guiping Squadron, Guiping Squadron, to participate in the police, to a certain extent, contributed a copy of the medical securitystrength.Before the blood donation, the blood station staff explained the blood donation and precautions for the officers and men, so that the officers and men have a correct understanding of the unpaid blood donation.In the process, the cadres and party members took the initiative to fully mobilize officers and soldiers to participate in the consciousness and enthusiasm of free blood donation.

The officers and men seriously fill in the blood donation registration form, and actively cooperate with medical staff to complete the medical examination, test, blood.When I looked at my blood donation into the booster, the officers and men were proud, and the brilliant smile was revealed.Wang Yongxin Ren Wang Yue Photography Report (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.