More warm water health care

More warm water health care

In our lives, there are a lot of vital things that affect our bodies, and in addition to the idioms you know every day, it can have other effects, just like we have to touch every day.water.

What is the magical use of warm water? Let’s take a look at it.


hzh {display: none; }  水,是生命之源。Boiling water is a “vigorous fluidity” that cannot be shared in the body.

Gradually developing the habit of using warm water in daily life has an incredible effect on the health of the human body.

  Warm water, that is, the boiled water, in the container, let it slowly cool down to about 25 degrees, just suitable for the mouth temperature, smooth and comfortable placed warm water body.

It is also possible to pre-cool the boiling water and add new boiling water to the palatable temperature when it is used.

Perseverance in the use of warm water will bring unexpected benefits to body health.

For example, we use “warm mouthwash, gentle gastric lavage, warm brushing, warm throat, warm and soft stagnation, warm hangover” for warm water. It is a simple and convenient method.

  Warm gargle every time you eat food, repeatedly use warm boiled water to rinse your mouth, can make food residue smooth removal, is a good way to clean the mouth; before eating, use warm boiled water to rinse off some of the dirt in the mouth; sleepBefore, use warm water to rinse your mouth, wash away the strange smells such as the smell of the mouth, and wash away the food residue of the throat and throat, so that you can go to sleep in a clear and refreshing way.

When washing the mouth with warm water, the mouth is long, and the tongue is repeatedly “stirred” in the mouth to roll the “tidal”.

Nasal air, into the chest, and then hold the gas, make a sudden burst of external spray, water and gas volley, heart and chest and nose feel refreshed!

  Gentle and rush into the early morning, take a cup of warm water, warm and soft feeling, the stomach is most comfortable!

Just like sending a cleansing team to your gastrointestinal tribe, when the warm water reaches the approach, it is washed away, injecting the residuals of a night’s movement, flowing through the gentle water flow to the “downstream”.Quickly merge with toxic gas such as feces and excrete from the body.

  Warm brushing teeth Many people often use “cold water to wash their face, warm water brushing teeth” as a morning life homework, this is a good scientific habit.

Warm boiling water brushing not only has a multiplier effect on removing dirt between teeth and in the mouth, but also warm water body rushing through the teeth to protect the gums and the nerves of the teeth.Got it.

  Wenrun Tong throat We are in the process of eating, often due to accidental, causing temporary throat congestion in the throat, do not blindly digging, damage the esophageal tissue.

The best way to do this is to swallow with warm water and wash off the residue.

 Water, almost like a blade of warm “soft knife”, has a good “special function” in dredging the esophagus of the throat.

  Warm and soft plugging and blocking the middle-aged and elderly people often cause the phenomenon that the esophagus “adds and blocks” because of eating, and some people will form a “thoracic blockage” because of the tangled mood.

At this time, use a soft cup of warm water to slowly swallow, and you will feel refreshed and open-minded, and your heart will be smooth.

  Warm feelings, drunkenness, many drinkers are easy to get drunk and hurt when they are changing hands.

People even have a lot of so-called “solvent recipes”, hoping to get relaxed from the drunken state, but the best way is to let the drunken people drink a few cups of warm water immediately, so that warm water can dilute the consumption of alcohol and protect the human bones.Compensate for the large amount of water lost due to drunkenness and vomiting.

At the same time, you can consciously insert warm water after each drink, replace the amount of hangover in the body, and release the “alarm” of hangover damage liver function as soon as possible.

  Always keep warm water, health care and body protection.

Why can’t you do this?