Gu Yu season health certificate to make up for the weight

Gu Yu season health certificate to make up for the weight

April 20 is the last solar term in the spring – Gu Yu, meaning “rain and hundreds of valleys.”

When the spring and summer intersect, the temperature rises faster and increases. At this time, the South has the custom of drinking “Gu Yu Tea”. The legend “Gu Yu Tea” can clear fire, evil spirits, and eyesight; in the north there is a custom of eating fragrant rice.When the toon has a high nutritional value.

In this spring and summer season, the health certificate is to make up for it.

After the rain, the rainfall increases, and the humidity in the air gradually increases. At this time, the crops need rain and moisture.

During this period, people have gradually increased their outings, and the amount of activity in the body is large. The whole body is prone to anger and anger. Especially for patients with yin deficiency, many of them are due to the yin and yang, and the sputum is suffocated, and the dry mouth is dry and the nose is dry., tinnitus, etc.

Diet should be “four low” Wong Chun diet, should pay attention to consider low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol and low stimulation.

Low fat is to eat less fat, oil is added more than 30% per day. Low sugar is to eat less free sugar, too much sugar will affect the health of the human body; low cholesterol is to eat less high cholesterol-containing animal foodBecause high blood pressure can lead to arteriosclerosis and various diseases such as heart and cerebrovascular disease, the daily carnivorous food can not exceed 300 grams; low stimulation means eating less spicy food.

Scallop food is highly recommended here, combining these four aspects.

Scallop phospholipid carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA.

EPA can greatly reduce the formation of blood clots and hardening of the arteries.

DHA can promote intellectual development and improve IQ, and can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

A glycoprotein extracted from the scallop occipital muscle has the effect of destroying vitamins.

Qingbu to the spleen valley rain yang gas rise, ordinary dialysis of people with accumulated heat once the diet is not easy to get angry, and even cause spring diarrhea, gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases.

Diet can eat low-fat, low-protein, high-vitamin vegetables, such as leeks, spinach, citron, dandelion, etc., have the role of heat and bonfire.

Gu Yu season tonic supplement – soil eyebrow bean pig spine soup, soil scent is delicious and clean, eyebrows can be smashed by athlete’s foot, water, wet, pig spine tonic, three of them together, spleen and qi,Heat and dampness.

In this way, the effect of replenishing temper can be achieved.

Xuanbu to raise the liver and spring season, flowers and trees gently shake with the wind, stretch and grow.

Chinese medicine believes that spring gas and liver correspond, and it is advisable to maintain a smooth liver.

Such as liver qi stagnation, it is as if the grass is tied and can not grow, causing depression, sadness and other emotional growth, and even suffering from mental illness.

At this time, people can stand in the distance and look to others for their bad feelings, or shout and sing when they are outing, and vent their bad emotions in time to stretch their liver.

You can also massage the ten Xuan points (10 tips on the left and right sides) to ease the heart.

In this way of venting, the air machine can be combined to supplement the effect of nourishing the liver.

Eat less hot and cold in the spring should choose to eat a small amount of low-micro, high-vitamin, high-mineral foods, fresh vegetables, including leeks, spinach, Malan head, fragrant scallions, dandelion, etc., which can clear heat and detoxification, cool blood and eyesightTongli two will, the role of spleen appetizer.

Eat less acidic foods and spicy foods in spring and summer, otherwise it will cause more liver fire and hurt the spleen and stomach.

In the spring season, in addition to eating high-quality protein foods and fruits and vegetables, you can put green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up in the body.

It is not advisable to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big heat, to prevent evil heat, causing sores and swelling.

Note that indoor warmth often feels that the room is colder than the top, and often feels cool.

TCM theory believes that cold and heavy, cold hands and feet are qi deficiency, qi stagnation, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, which is the performance of kidney yang deficiency, to discharge cold, only rely on “nurturing”, raise enough blood, make up yangGradually remove the cold from the body.

The unique bioactive substances in sea cucumber can directly act on the various gonads of the human body to regulate endocrine!

The endocrine is normal, the metabolism is normal and the organs can work normally.

The spleen has a strong hematopoietic function, and the blood is too much, and the yang will not be damaged.

The rainy season is the last chance for us to adjust our body in the spring. I hope everyone can catch it and let the body adjust to the best state to welcome the summer!