Skin rejuvenation takes only one minute_1

Skin rejuvenation takes only one minute

Due to the alternating hot and cold weather, the skin is irritable, and the indoor air flow is reduced, which makes our facial skin look pale and dull.

However, a lot of daily care products can’t quickly solve the complexion problem. Therefore, it is better to try a powerful massage, which will definitely make you regain your vitality skin in a short time.

A beauty master said that the true maintenance should guide the desire of beauty in the heart, use massage techniques to make the skin “live” again with the power of hands, and happily absorb all nutrients.

If you truly love beauty, what are you waiting for?

  Detox: In fact, the time of the massage can be completely controlled by yourself. Whether it is morning or evening, even at work, you can also perform a small SPA on your skin, each time you can make a difference.

  Morning massage can improve your blood color, promote skin metabolism, eliminate toxins accumulated overnight, and restore makeup.

Massage at night can prepare skin for deep maintenance.

  You need to wear loose clothes for massage. In addition, it is best to add some quiet music to make you really relax. It is best to choose after bath in the morning and evening, when the pores are already open.

  Both hands are the simplest and most suitable “massage device” that can be used every day.

It helps the skin and fingertips to interact with each other to adjust the most suitable intensity and frequency.

It has a temperature and a special soothing effect, and can enhance the skin’s absorption of skin care products, so that it can be transmitted to the mind through the movements of known hands, bringing a soothing effect.

  Deep detoxification: correct massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism, help lymph circulation, eliminate waste; relax the skin, enhance absorption, eliminate dryness; affect the mind by touch, and achieve the effect of relaxing the mind.

  Steps: 1. Spread gently with a spiral.

Spiral massage with the middle and ring fingers outwards.

From the center of the chin, massage 4 times below the ear, from the corner of the mouth to the middle of the ear 4 times, from the nose to the temple 4 times, and finally insert slightly into some temple.

  2. Massage your forehead.

Do the same movement from the center of your forehead to the temples 4 times, and massage the area of the temples slightly.

  3. Push around the eyes.

Hold the middle finger and index finger between the eyebrows, gently insert the middle finger into the eyelid, and gently circle around the eye starting from the inner corner of the eye.

  4, unobstructed nose bridge.

Put the thumbs of both hands lightly, support the lower part of the chin, and push down with your middle finger on the nose.

  5. Press your cheeks gently.

Finally, gently cover the whole face with both hands 10?
15 seconds to calm the skin.

  On alternative massage products, you must pay attention to safety recently, and prevent foot volume during use, keep your fingertips lubricated, and reduce friction with the skin, so as not to cause excessive pressure on the skin, such as fine lines, etc.Impurities.

  Soothing decompression: Modern people’s lives are busy and do not fall off quickly. The pressure they face is getting heavier. Implementing a simple massage method can relieve the pressure on the skin, change the sensitivity of the skin in a stressful environment, and restore the previous natural vitality.

  1. Relax the eye nerves.

Use your ring finger to slowly move slowly from the end of the eye to the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, and back to the end of the eye.

  2. Relax.

With your head slightly lowered, gradually lower it. Gently press in a circular motion with four fingers and press slightly.

(Change sides, repeat three times) 3. Promote lymph fluid flow.

Use the ring finger to block the inner corners, eyebrows, eye ends, temples, depressions in the ears, both sides of the nose and above the collarbone.

  Whitening and skin rejuvenation: The living habits of modern people cause poor blood circulation on the facial skin of most people, especially in summer, the blood circulation of cold air volume changes in air conditioners makes the skin look dull and dull.

In addition, the cold air conditioner will make the skin easier to dry, the capillaries will become thinner, and the excess blood and moisture will not reach the skin, which will make the complexion lack redness. Therefore, pre-heat the skin before massage and then apply massage productsAfter just one minute of massage, you can immediately see that the skin is much moisturized and smoother than before the massage.

  Steps: 1. Massage warm cheeks.

With both hands on your cheeks, gently massage your skin while warming your skin.

(Repeat three times) 2. Massage forehead.

Massage your forehead up and down with the three fingers.
From the center of the forehead to the outside, to the temple.
When massaging upwards, massage it close to the bun.

(Repeat three times) 3. Relax the collarbone.

With three fingers, insert three circles from the inside to the outside directly under the household.