His wealth is not enough,Of course I don’t know the origin of the jade box,But Lu Menglin and the others knew。

Chen Jiannan’s eyes widened,Can’t help but cast the inquiring gaze on Lu Menglin,Mean to ask,This is your arrangement?
Lu Menglin shook his head mercilessly,Said he didn’t know。
Zhu Xiaoguang and Wang Shaoxiao looked at each other,The two just vaguely guessed what was in the jade box,But they themselves have less contact with that thing,Not sure,Don’t dare to ask more。
Because in that jade box,It’s a secret medicine,Six Secret Medicine。
If it was two months ago,The secret medicine of this rank,At least billions of people in China have the opportunity to get in touch,And just have a chance,But it’s never possible to have so many in one go。
The value of these six high-level secret medicines,I’m afraid it’s higher than Zhu’s working capital。
“Reply to the old lady,The world has changed,I heard there is going to be a new generation,There are new drugs coming soon,So the old medicine is much cheaper。Our three brothers finally got it to honor you。”Zhu Yande answered cautiously。
He is still a little worried that Mrs. Zhu is unhappy,The three brothers got these six secret medicines,It really took a great price to get it。With these six secret medicines,The Zhu family’s power in Jincheng is bound to rise,In the entire northwest, it can also become a big family。
As for the legendary new medicine,They have never seen it before,Have no ability to get it。
After all,If it weren’t for the Secret Medicine Group’s reign,,Low price and big shipment,With Zhu’s comprehensive strength,I may not get these six secret medicines。
“it is good!Great!I, Zhu Congming, waited all my life,At the age of a hundred,The emperor is finally gone,Finally made me wait for this thing!Regardless of new medicine or old medicine,As long as it is a good medicine,Is the blessing of my Zhu family。Rest assured,Although I am a hundred years old, Zhu Congming,But not confused!”Mrs. Zhu laughed loudly。
The three brothers bowed their heads together,Unison:“Congratulations to the old lady!”