Two people walking out of the restaurant,Xu Yan didn’t mean to continue talking,It’s about to happen“bid farewell”This step,Yu Zhe decided to take the initiative。

“A bit embarrassed to say。”Yu Zhe was embarrassed,Hesitating did not get to the point,“Can you……Please?”
“Just say,I will help you do it!”Xu Yan patted his chest,No matter what Yu Zhe is going to say,Agree directly。
“I just arrivedLcity,Haven’t come yet and book a hotel,If it is convenient……”Yu Zhe left the second half without saying,Want to see what the other person means,If the other party directly says that he can live in his house for one night,That’s easy,But if the other party says he can help book a hotel,Then you need to think about other reasons。
“What should i do,Don’t worry,As long as you don’t dislike,Stay at my house tonight!”Xu Yan answered simply,The enthusiasm in my body has been unabated,But I don’t know he has such a personality,It’s still like this through Jiujin。
“This……Will it trouble you too much。”Yu Zhe made a brief courtesy,Xu Yan’s defenselessness really makes him dumbfounded,The relationship between the two was not that deep,Plus not seeing you for decades,The other party took him home so assured。
just,I haven’t figured out why the other party was chased by the Cheng family,Makes him always feel,There are infinite hidden dangers behind this passion。
“of course not,I’m usually bored alone,If you come,I will be happier。”Xu Yan said quickly,Also ignored by others,Pulling Yu Zhe and walking towards his home,“I’ll take you to visit first,If you are missing something, let’s buy it again,You can rest assured,No problem for a few days。”
“Do not……Not urgent,It’s never too late to go back……”I don’t know if I was infected by Xu Yan’s emotions,Or Yu Zhe’s only conscience,He knew once he went back,There is no turning back,In front of“Old friend”Will definitely die today,Let him enjoy the countdown life again。
Xu Yan nodded,Means everything is fine,Then I took Yu Zhe to stroll around the street,Walk and introduceLFun place in the city,Also said that if you have time,Must bring him to play。
In these tens of minutes,Yu Zhe always has a smile on his face,Pretend to be patient,Calculating time secretly,Feel almost done,Just said。
“Let’s go back first,Shopping for a day today,I feel a little tired。”
“of course,Let’s go back。”Xu Yan never realized his danger,Lead the way ahead,Because the two didn’t go too far,Entered the apartment building in ten minutes。
“Tell you the truth,This is my happiest day in so long。”Xu Yan said with a smile as he went upstairs,“I think you have changed a lot over the years,I almost don’t know you。”
Yu Zhe smiled and didn’t reply,This is the third time the other party has said similar words today,In some ways,This sentence is indeed accurate,After all, he is acting all day。
An instant,He seems to think of Shi Muluo again。
There is a price to lie,If you talk too much, you will be fooled,I don’t know what is true over time……
This is what she said,It’s just that Yu Zhe didn’t understand,Now I have a deep understanding。