In the autumn, you should drink this water, and fall into the autumn and dryness of the spleen and stomach. Women and children need it most!

In the autumn, you should drink this water, and fall into the autumn and dryness of the spleen and stomach. Women and children need it most!

Qiu’an is not dry, close to the perfect autumn, but because of the dryness, some people are cautious, especially the children will have different degrees of dry lips and dry skin symptoms, anxious grandparents and fathers and mothers?
Autumn, from the perspective of nature: the yang is gradually collecting, the yin is getting longer, the autumn wind is urgent, the climate is dry, and the seasons are characteristic!

From the perspective of health care, “running its dryness” is the key to health in autumn. In life, it is necessary to prevent dryness and yin, and to nourish yin and lungs. Experts also recommend: adding vitamin A to children.Vitamin E foods can enhance the body’s immunity and improve the symptoms of autumn dryness.

Health is more to improve and prevent. In the autumn food, pumpkin is a treasure. After the spring and summer sunshine and growth, the pumpkin has matured and accumulated rich nutrients. The pumpkin contains pumpkin rich in vitamin E, B,C and minerals, the essential 8 amino acids and the essential histidine for children, and beta carotene, which is converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the body, and the pumpkin also contains a certain amount of iron and phosphorus, which are used to maintain the body.Physiological function plays an important role.

Eating pumpkin can enhance the body’s immunity, improve the symptoms of autumn dryness, and dryness is peaceful?
From the medicinal value: Run lung and Qi, warm and asthma, reduce swelling, improve constipation?
Warming the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, from a natural point of view, from a medical point of view, from the perspective of health, from the perspective of nutrition, share my autumn and dry little private tricks and eat more pumpkins, and benefit more, the beautiful[lily pumpkin syrup]for you:Ingredients: 200 grams of old pumpkin, about 100 grams of steamed bread, about 100 grams of lily, about 100 grams of yellow rock sugar, the right amount of practice: old pumpkin peeled cut small Dingtoutou peeled into small Ding boiled pot into the pure water, then put the pumpkin Ding and then put the Ding DingAfter the fire is boiled, add the fresh lily and then add the yellow sugar to the small fire and cook until the cooked Haiyan’s kitchen notes: 1. Choose the old pumpkin, the tender pumpkin can’t be ha 2, cut into small diced, easy to cook 3, lily recommended with fresh lily4, if there is no gimmick, you can not put ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nutritional dividing line ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pumpkin Nutrition Summary: 1.

Eye protection: Vitamin supplementation, which is incorporated into beta carotene, is converted into vitamin A after absorption by the body. Among them, carotenoids, vitamin A and protein combine to form opsin, which plays an important role in eye health and protects the eyes!


Blood beauty: The pumpkin contains a kind of “cobalt” ingredient. It can be used for blood supplement after eating. It often eats pumpkin, which can make the stool smooth and the skin is beautiful. Especially for women, it has a cosmetic effect. Zhang Zhidong, a famous Qing Dynasty, suggested it.The Empress Dowager Cixi eats more pumpkins.


Prevention of stroke hypertension: Pumpkin contains a lot of linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and other glyceric acids, they have always been good quality oils.

Treat high blood pressure, can be fried pumpkin seeds, daily dosage of 20?
30 grams is appropriate.

4, improve immunity: pumpkin polysaccharide is a non-representative immune enhancer, can improve the body’s immune function, promote the production of cytokines, through the activation of complement and other ways to play a multi-faceted regulatory function of the immune system.

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