Chen Hao quickly gained 10 kg in short term

Chen Hao quickly gained 10 kg in short term

Directed by Gao Xixi, Chen Hao’s actor’s drama “Drunken Golden Fan” is being broadcasted in Sichuan.

Starring Chen Hao has paid a lot for the show.

In addition to self-sufficient pockets more than 10 months before flying to Shanghai to make cheongsam, it is not counted as an image, for the role of rapid fattening 10 pounds.

  It turned out that Chen Hao was looking to compress the pictures of the historical period in which the “Drunken Golden Fan” was located. He even ran to the antique card of the antique city, and found that the age was fat, and the stars on the month were mostly Zhu Yu Yu Run.

Chen Hao did not reach this standard at the time.

Therefore, after passing through the director, it was decided to quickly increase fat in a short time.

  Chen Hao said: “This play should be the happiest part of the film, because every day after the filming, our group from the director to the actor, after the play, everyone together.

Especially for me, the director allowed me to open up and eat.

Because the filming is very tired, it will generally be thin, and this will make me fat and really want to eat more.

Chen Hao said with a smile: “The actors in the same group were ordered to lose weight because of the director. I am especially uncomfortable with people saying: “Oh, that hot pot is delicious! That grilled fish is really good.”

‘It is bad for people.