I take the single to defend love

I take the single to defend love

Sometimes, some things make us wonder.

For example, there is such a data: in Beijing and Shanghai, a total of 500,000 older white-collar women are single because they found their favorite Lang Jun.

  In fact, it is quite clear to think about it carefully.

500,000 white-collar women just want to use the single “weapon” to defend love and freedom, and to fight against mediocre marriage and emotional damage.

  However, there is another woman who really wants to be single forever?

  500,000 white-collar women, clinging to loneliness and loneliness.

In particular, to wait for the arrival of love.

  In this way, they were single in contradiction.

    Talking about the tedious marriage of being single, but looking at the marriage of An An’s 30-year-old civil servant Chinese, it is not uncommon to make a few.

Take my parents, for example, they lived a life of noisiness, but barely maintained their family for this or that reason.

And I will never choose to live like them.

I don’t want to do such a stupid thing as marrying for marrying. No matter how lonely and lonely a person is, he won’t gamble on the happiness of his life.

  I have a very talkable girlfriend who was assigned to Beijing alone, so I long for the warmth of my home.

As a result, it didn’t take long for him to work. After a match between the leaders and colleagues, he married a business backbone in the unit.

But because they do not know each other well, the relationship has always been salty for 3 years.

Later she couldn’t bear it and divorced.

When I went to see her in Beijing, a man who used to laugh so much became silent.

This half-dead marriage is really killing blood.

  Around me, what I see more is the dullness that marriage brings to women.

Once women are married, their most talked about is the education of their children or the career of their husbands.

It seems that marriage is a barrier, and walking into it will make a woman a planet that loses her self.

Their trajectory of life can only revolve around the gentleman and children, and it is repeated, monotonous and tedious.

  This is marriage in my eyes.

Although I may not be able to appreciate the many joys of marriage outside the fence, watching flowers in the mist has made me dreadful about it.

  Feelings of heartlessness Siyu’s 31-year-old foreign company employee may be the failed love, or the feeling that is too easy to get lost in modern society, anyway, I do not believe in love anymore.

  When I was in college, I had a very good boyfriend, and that was the first time I was totally attracted to love someone.

We said that we would stay together in Shanghai after graduation and then get married.

However, less than two years after graduation, he changed his mind, and the girl who took him was his daughter.

I was so heartbroken that I even thought of suicide.

  After the emotional pain was gradually repaired, I began to forget the past and worked hard.

Six months later, a kind colleague introduced me to my boyfriend, and I went to see him.

But I soon found out that the kind of simple heartbeat feeling I had was gone. I felt that I was going to get married to get married, and I felt very uncomfortable.

Later I decided to find it myself, but the problem came again. The boys I met, almost all had girlfriends, and I didn’t look at them badly.

I also met a company owner who wanted to buy a car and a house for me, of course there was only one condition: to be his lover.

Of course, I do n’t do this kind of thing. I do n’t lack money to spend myself, and I do n’t sell myself because of money.

  Now that you no longer believe in love, and now that you are having a good time, let’s go on like this.

  The missed flower season is no longer coming. Wang Lin, 33-year-old director of the company, I also hope that I can have a strong arm to overcome, someone can listen to my complaints about submission and submission, and someone can share happiness and pain with me, but these are the happiness I deserveI missed it by accident.

  When I was assigned to this company when I graduated from college, the company leaders paid special attention to me.At the time, the company was preparing to establish a Singapore branch, and I was fortunate to be selected as one of the leaders.

I stayed in Singapore for 4 years. I can imagine the busyness of my work during this period. I have no time to fall in love.

In the future, most of my life will be flying in the air, from Europe to the United States, travelling almost all over the world.

As a company executive, I go to work at 7 o’clock every day, and I don’t get home until 8 o’clock in the evening. I often fall asleep as soon as I lie in bed.

If you are on a business trip, it is even harder, and the reversal of jet lag cannot be the reason for idleness. You still have to bury your head and work.

The pace of work is too fast, so that I have almost no time to seriously associate with a strange opposite sex, and of course I do not want to find a man just to make ends meet.

With this blink of an eye, I was past the age of talking about marriage.

  In fact, I still agreed that the woman would marry before the age of 30.

As a working woman, she can work outside the home and make money before the age of 30, but it is too hard for a person to work outside. After all, women still have to return to their families.

  Stubbornly observing the dream When the 29-year-old editor of the cuckoo graduated with a master’s degree, I left my hometown alone and came to Shanghai without any hesitation.

Only I know clearly that my reason for coming to Shanghai is to escape the past and start a new life.

  I experienced the wrong love at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

When I was studying in school, one day, I went to a teacher who taught us ancient Chinese, and accidentally bumped into a small conference room where a seminar was being held.

The full-fledged professor turned back, and the one who was constantly looking up looked at me and continued speaking calmly.

However, that glance surprised me and retreated very embarrassedly.

Unexpectedly, that person actually came to give us an elective course!

Leng Yuan’s Yuanqu was intrigued by him. I grew from admiring and admiring him, and secretly fell in love with him.

He is 12 years older than me and is of course married.

In the homework submitted to him, I euphemistically hinted to him, but he avoided and reminded in the criticism.

In this way, I had a love that didn’t start at all.

  Others say that girls in the Chinese department love fantasy and dream, yes, I admit that I am sometimes very unrealistic.

However, I still stubbornly keep my dream.

If the love that has kept my heart from appearing in this life has not appeared, then I am willing to wait forever.

  Frequently Asked: Why Marry?

  Xing Yun, 28-year-old manager assistant, sometimes I ask myself: Why get married?

Is it for a permanent meal ticket?

My own income can support myself well, there is no need to support others; is it to find a protector?

I see that some men are more fragile than women, and are more likely to be nervous, negative, and neurotic; is it to find the dullness of someone’s life?

Faced with that man day after day after marriage, I think it must be more boring than it is now . I think the only thing I can really rely on is myself.

  I now work in shifts every day. After work, I have to rush to school to study business administration and business English. I can’t make time for someone’s appointment.

There is a very good boy who is scared and turns away when he sees my desperate look.

  Deng Wendi was married at 36 years old, and Sandra was married at 32 years old.

It is the workplace experience that has added charm to them and also created opportunities for them.

Early marriage is either to make people covet the coziness of a small family, or to make a woman become a mother-in-law because of the housework. My somewhat capable female classmate is delayed.

So I decided to make a career first, and then talk about marriage no later.

  The single story “Ben 3”, I was helpless. Chen Jie never deliberately wanted to be a “single aristocrat” in the eyes of others, and never intended to be a love deserter outside the “siege”.

In fact, being single is also a helpless choice for me.

  My parents are exemplary couples with a very democratic style, so I do n’t have any childhood shadows. My married colleagues and friends are almost immortal relatives, so I naturally have no bitter feelings about marriage;I haven’t encountered any love setbacks in my life so far, and there should be no psychological problems.

But I don’t know why, I have “Ben 3” and still can’t find my other half.

  When I first entered the company to work, I was arrogant enough to look down on the male colleagues around me.There were also extra boys who confessed their love to me, but the more tricks they pursued the girls, the better I knew them.

I was busy, learning computer by myself, and learning English, but I was at ease.

Later, my position increased, my income increased, and my vision naturally increased.

Who would look for a man who earns less than himself, is lower in part than himself, and has less knowledge than himself?

But I turned around and found out that those men who had a successful career and looked good had already been taken into the “siege” by some younger and more beautiful girls.

  As I got older, I gradually felt pressure.

The colleagues around me were very enthusiastic about me and always insisted on introducing them to me, but they didn’t know that their care would only make me feel uncomfortable.

My parents can’t stand the most.

They are both in their 60s this year. I am their only child. Once, my mother said to me, “I am most afraid of going to a relative’s wedding now. People always ask when I can eat your daughter’s wedding. My father and IDon’t know how to answer.

“Tell me that my tears are about to fall out.

  I can’t live at home anymore, so I have to consider buying a house myself.

Not long ago, I found a second-hand house with one bedroom and one living room. I was quite satisfied, so I paid for the first installment.

Although my parents had a hundred unwillingness, they knew they couldn’t beat me and finally agreed to move out.

  But what I didn’t expect is that a single woman with her own independent house turned out to be a “monster” in the eyes of others.

I often find my colleagues pointing at me behind the scenes. Sometimes people say something half-heartedly and suddenly stop seeing me. I feel more and more isolated.

  It is difficult to describe my current life in one or two sentences. It is the kind I want-it has a little money and has been in my own house.-Tangible social and family pressure, as well as the loneliness and loneliness of a person’s life, make me sad when the night is quiet.

  You asked if I would lower the standard for marriage, but my standard is not high.

I just want to feel and see right, I still believe that fate will come sooner or later.