Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Fault

After listening to these allusions,Lu Menglin and the planes team all looked at each other。
They never thought,Human gathering point of this plane,There are so many unspeakable hidden。
No wonder the population in this small city is so sparse,It turned out to be due to lack of water,Can’t feed too many people。
“you guys,You can go to other gathering spots?”After Huang Shaotian thought about it,Asked。
Zhong Ming smiled,The smile is quite bitter。
“How simple!Water sources at all gathering points are limited,If more people come,There is less water over there。No one will agree。”Zhong Ming said。
“and,If we go to other gathering spots,They will grab all our things,Squeeze out all our use value!”There is another officer behind,Say boldly。
“In the absence of water,Not many people can escape to the next gathering point!”An officer said angrily。
obviously,In the shadow of death,Their fear of this group of people,Has also weakened a lot invisibly。
Lu Menglin suddenly thought of the most critical question,No matter what you are,Still a man of the gods,Have portable space,So never worry about food and water,Just replenish the supplies in the portable space at any time,You can fight forever。
Maybe this difference,Only Shenmin Continent can occupy the high-level plane,An important reason to remain invincible in the war of planes。
Like crossing this desert,For the people of the gods,No pressure,Everyone can maintain sufficient physical strength,Because they don’t lack food and water at all。
But for this alien race,They want to cross the desert,Can only rely on physical strength,Unless it’s a huge caravan,Use more than half of the transportation to transport supplies,It is possible to cross the desert。
Of course,The most puzzling part of this plane,Still lies in different circles,The level of technological development is very different。
The same human race,Flying Soldiers of Korea at Night,Can easily use the equipment,Walking through the desert is just a routine operation,And these human races at the gathering point,They even have to control the water source,Not to mention the weapons and equipment,Korea’s regular troops,The technological content is at least a hundred years behind。
Lu Menglin had already noticed a detail,The so-called army at this human gathering point,Except that the leader commander is stronger,The combat power of other people can only be said to be terrible,The weapons they used,All are primitive guns propelled by gunpowder,And the earth world,Far inferior to the electromagnetic guns and individual aircrafts owned by Korean soldiers at night,As for the armor,Even more so。
Seeing Master Wuhao was silent,Gao Dajin first half step,Pulled his sleeve slightly。