Gu Rimou nodded and said:“But the martial arts of my Qingcheng sword immortal line is gradually progressing,After getting started, learn basic swordsmanship,After getting familiar,Learn basic boxing again,Then is Qi training,Internal power and external power are quite rooted,Basic swordsmanship that can be advanced……”

Chen Xiu heard him moaning a lot,Can’t help but ask:“Just say it,To practice One Finger Zen,How long will i spend?”
Gu Rimou smiled:“I started to learn the basic swordsmanship of Qingcheng from the age of eleven,Luckily,Learn much faster than the fellow students,To fifty-three,I’ve got a glimpse of the doorway in this fingering。”
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“You start at the age of eleven,When I was fifty-three years old, what kind of latch,So it took a total of 42 years to practice?”
Gu Rimou is very proud,Tao:“Practicing One Finger Zen in 42 years,This faction for more than a thousand years,I’m the sword fairy of Qingcheng ranked third。”Paused,Again:“But in terms of finger strength,I am afraid I can only rank below 70 in the world。”Speaking of which,Can’t help but frustrate。
Chen Xiu was so shocked that his mouth was about to fall,Unexpectedly, it takes so long to learn an eight-level fingering,And watching Gu Rimou’s triumphant look,It seems that the forty-two years of learning is still very glorious。
“Forget it!”
Chen Xiu waved his hand and said:“Forty years is too long,Is there any other combat skills that can be quick。”
Gu Rimou scolded:“Do you think that cultivation is playing games and plug-ins,That kind of combat skill doesn’t require a lot of hard work,How can one learn it overnight!”
Chen Xiu thought:“Not there,My Promise Cut、Spiral strength is used for instant insights in battle。I don’t think it’s my genius,It’s because these cultivators learn too slowly!”
Actually he didn’t want to think,He himself has constant adventures,There are dragon jade pendants along the way.,After feeling the breath, the one who started to use it was the Supreme Heart of Taiyi.《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》,And there are Guben in combat skills《Tao Te Ching》Let him realize the truth of martial arts,He can grow up in a short time,It can beat Liu Ling who has cultivated for hundreds of years.。
When his kind of adventure came, there was no one in a thousand years。
He learns his own combat skills quickly,I thought it was easy to learn an advanced combat technique。Forgive me,Like Liu Ling single and early“Mount Tarzan”Studied for a hundred years。
Gu Rimou felt that Chen Xiu might not be able to remember the basic swordsmanship in one night.,Let alone learn,Really embarrassed。
I had to take out a piece of jade pendant and give it to Chen Xiu,Exhorted:“I made this jade pendant by secret method,Crushing the jade pendant in danger can block the blow of the 6th rank master。”