This magic weapon was exchanged by Li Ming with some magic weapon obtained in the world prison。

The grade of the magic weapon itself is pure anode,But there are three hundred and sixty-five stars and gold beads。
Li Ming is now good at two kinds of magic weapons,Taking Jin Zhu as a magic weapon,Command the magic weapon with the Avenue of Stars as the core。
One is a fairy sword with the same ten mouths,Dominate the great roads with the destruction of heaven,Form a devastating attack。
former,It’s more suitable to use the method of heart formation,Of course, you can also use the flying sword to evolve the stars,The power is slightly inferior to using the golden bead magic weapon to cast a large array。
the latter,Mysticism is higher,Tao is stronger in technique,Better at attacking and killing when not using the method of unity of mind and force。
“Wow~”These three hundred and sixty golden stars and magic treasures suddenly burst into sharp edges,It’s as if the golden beads are covered with needles,Even the fairy will feel uncomfortable eyes,Feeling pierced by a needle。
“Became,《Nine Black Blades》The eighth level of mystery,A considerable part of the complete Avenue of Life and Death has been integrated into the Stars and Zhoutian Array,Make the star Zhoutian array even more devastating。”
Li Ming opened his eyes,A trace of joy flashed in my eyes。
If we say that before the clone of the universe returns to the Three Realms,,He has not completely defeated the Bull Demon King。
But now,He can get along with the Bull Demon King Seven or Three without any effort。
Use effort,Bull Demon King has no chance of winning。
of course,That means the strength of the bull devil is the same as the information he has learned。
If the Bull Demon King breaks through and becomes Dao Zu,Then he can only resist a few tricks with his mental power,And then fled back to Zhongshan Great World with his men,Even if you can escape!