If you have bad breath, you may eat some wild vegetables

If you have bad breath, you may eat some wild vegetables

Why do some people get fat when they drink water?

This is caused by different constitutions.

In fact, less than a part of the people have a peaceful constitution, that is, an impartial normal constitution, and most people have a certain constitutional bias.

  Therefore, in the summer of health, you must find out your physical characteristics, and aim at some, in order to achieve the ideal conditioning effect, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

  Damp heat quality: “Mouth bitter people” eat wild vegetables Features: often have bad breath or feel bad mouth, easy to develop hemorrhoids and acne, the face and the tip of the nose are generally shiny, and have a more irritable personality.

  Health recommendations: 荸荠 celery juice, cold purslane.

  Juicing the coriander, coriander and celery, it has a good effect of clearing heat and dampness.

  In addition, it is also very good to boil the purslane and add the seasoning to cool.

  In summer, if you eat a lot of spicy food or barbecue, it is easy to accumulate the damp heat in the body, and the heat toxin in the body cannot be eliminated, and you will find the road, causing eczema and small acne.

  Therefore, people with hot and humid constitutions should eat more heat and damp food in summer, such as mung beans and cucumbers.