Deep cultivated community Shanxi Bank Xiuyangyuan Community Branch allows financial services more temperature

Because learning dance is required, every 7 o’clock in the morning, the small girl in the residential garden community will rush to the Shanxi Bank of the Shanxi Bank, Jincheng Branch, Xiuxi Water Court Community Branch, let the staff here free to comb. Hair, this comb is more than 6 years.

Create a community bank that is active, feeling, and temperatures, is a Shuishengyuan Community Branch strives to practice social responsibility, establish a positive exploration of good image, and also transforming service business models, active service communities, close to the market and customers try.

There is no glass of zero distance communication "Auntie, so cold days, first drink hot water." On the morning of November 3, in Shanxi Bank Jincheng Branch Xiuyangyuan Community Branch, the staff is enthusiastic about customers. " Not a big sign, less than 100 square meters, there is no thick glass window, and there is no call number of the machine. Although the outlet is small, the decoration style is like a home is generally warm and comfortable.

There are "five organs", sofa, express cabinets, umbrellas, printers, and other benefits. Here, a change in the traditional three-foot counter is watching the "high-cooled" service image of the glass, watching the four staff and community neighbors, and timely master the various needs of residents in daily life, diversified service to promote community, help build New neighborhood relationship. This is the unique place in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch. "We are going to break the ‘glass window’, let employees to achieve ‘zero-distance’ communication between employees and customers, and better serve community residents.

The Song Dynasty, the Song Shuiyuan Community Branch, said that it is like a financial supermarket without counter, in addition to large access to cash business, traditional business can handle it here. "Chartered eight-night" delay service is a lot of communities Residents’ demand for financial business.

The night is coming, the Wanjia Light, but here often can see the family housewife waiting for the office worker or after dinner, etc. There is no timeless warm service free layout, shooting family bless, express free pickup, volunteer ergonom service … Xiushuiyuan Community Branch cares about the community development, and never forget every community resident. They use a bit of a bit of action to explain the persistence of social responsibility.

Once, Xiu Shuiyuan Community Branch took a large number of express – six doors.

At that time, it coincided with the community. The elevator could not be used. The customer’s resident floor was on the 12th floor. The Song Jun took forward to help customers lifting the door, and sent the door to the customer home. Another time, when the staff replaced the building advertisement in the community, I met an old man consulting financial management, and I have unintentionally learned the old man’s wife, the old man has always lived.

Since then, the staff will often go to the old man to exercise hydropower, property fees, buy life items, etc., so that the elderly are very moving. I want to think that the community residents think, the emergency community residents are anxious, there is no warm service, and the intimate service of Xiushuiyuan Community Branch is far more than this. I learned that community residents need to replace social security cards, considering that everyone’s shooting documents have many inconveniences, the organizational staff is free to shoot the residents to make documents.

That time, they were photographed during the day. In the evening, I took a free shipping for more than 800 residents for more than 800 residents. The annual Lei Feng month, they also jointly cleaned health, rubbing shoes such as residents; continuous 4 The year is a student photo of the Phoenix Vocational High School, establishing a file … in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch, there are still many touching stories.

According to incomplete statistics, in 7 years, only the free delivery of the free delivery has exceeded 200,000, freely arranged more than 300 times, shooting a family blessing, 1,000 documents. "The bank opened in the community, not only is convenient for business, but also the service is very emotional.

"In the case of community residents, these services may be insignificant, but the 7 years of persistence is close to the distance from the residents, and win everyone’s trust.

The beneficial attempts of deep cultivation communities Try Xiu Water Countries Community Branch is only 34 years old. This is a team of youth, but also a team of struggles. In the root community for 7 years, they always work with the "people" "convenience" attitude. A sentence of the initiative to get the previous greetings, let the first time to enter the bank’s strange disappear; a cup of intimate tea, let the serious environment have a comfortable feeling; once inquiry, let the business are more smooth and fast; Zhang Zhang smile, letting financial services have a heart temperature.

There is a photo wall in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch, a photo of Zhang Sheng recorded their little bit with the community resident friendship.

Since the opening of the community branch, through cooperation with special merchants, they provide 7% off laundry services for community customers. The customers can solve one-stop laundry service to the community branch, which allows customers to worry and effort. Customers save money.

Over the past seven years, the actual traffic flow of more than 70,000 yuan.

"Many community residents have spontaneously become our volunteer propagandists, introduce colleagues around you, relatives to handle business. This kind of recognition and high trust is our extremely precious wealth." Song Jun said.

In the Song Juncai, the community branch is the "last kilometer" of financial services, deep cultivation communities, and become a "good neighbor’s good helper" in community residents, not only a useful attempt, but also a lot of exploration space.

Next, the bank will continue to adhere to the core values ??of Shanxi Bank "as public, Hengxin, Erli, and Complex", which must not only provide professional, convenient and intimate financial services for community residents, but also to the way of service close to life. The majority of customers provide non-financial services, deliver care, and strive to build a community financial service and a combination of non-financial services. (昊) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.