With whom


With whom

A friend discussed with me what is the most important thing in marriage.

I said that the outlook on life is the same.

Friends dismissed me and said that I was old-fashioned.

But I still think that this is the most important factor in marriage.

  If you are a person with a strong mind, you can sacrifice time, gain, and even friendship, kindness and justice for the success of your career.

That’s okay, if your wife is just like you, enough ideas for success, then you will be like a pair of excellent partners, you can plot together every night.

Of course, the legal and ethical issues raised are beyond this.

  If you are born indifferent to life and only want to have two or two confidants, a good book, then you also need to have someone who shares the same philosophy of life with you and can appreciate your life.

  I have two couple friends, one who pursues hedonism and actively advocates all entertainment and tourism projects; the other is a cautious economist, to prevent old age, to raise children, and to take the bus and also consider the subwayMoney or buses save money.

The two couples each had their place, and their lives were sweet.

If it were changed . the consequences would be unimaginable.

  So I insist that it doesn’t matter who you are. What’s important is to find someone who is consistent with your life philosophy.

The so-called radish and greens have their own love. I believe there must be someone who appreciates you and is just like you.

Don’t look for the wrong person, you must know that your advantage in one person’s eyes may be an unacceptable evil in the eyes of another person.

  In addition, there is another element of marriage, not personality, not how much money is made, nor the taste of eating and whether he has a bad smell, but whether you can truly relax in front of each other.

  I once read an article about how a Japanese wife pleases her husband: calculate the time when her husband is away from work, hurry up before he puts on his makeup, and put on the most beautiful clothes. The moment he opens the door to the husband, he shows perfection.Smile.

In the evening, before the husband changed his clothes, he lay down on the bed, dressed in sexy pajamas, sprinkled with scented perfume, and turned on the dim lights.

In the morning, it is necessary to wake up before the husband wakes up, otherwise he will see what’s going on with the unkempt face beside the pillow.

He had to open his eyes to see the fresh bathing beauties and breakfast in a delicate tray.


To do this, at least a full-time housewife can take a nap at noon.

Otherwise, professional women, who can shake their spirits for 24 hours, who can stand it!

Not to mention that there are also times when you are in a bad mood and when you are sick.

  Therefore, the second element of marriage is that you can not brush your teeth and wash your face in front of each other; you can raise your feet on the table; you can cry loudly; you can talk loudly and say that you want the old one to wear small shoes for youThe boss is sick, you can replace it . In short, all the most real, beautiful and ugly, kind and vicious, you dare not cover up in front of each other, congratulations, you have found someone who can live a lifetime.
  One of my girlfriends has been with her boyfriend for three or four years. The boyfriend mentioned marriage several times, and the girl couldn’t think of any reason to object, but she felt that something was wrong.

Suddenly one day, I realized that I felt close to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend was anxious and said that we have done the closest things, where else are you not close to me!

The girl said I don’t want to brush my teeth in front of you.

  The two ended up breaking up.

It can be seen that a person who can live a lifetime can encounter nothing and can not be achieved as long as he has accumulated time.

Some people feel familiar at the first meeting. Some Jia Baoyu first met Sister Lin. Of course, this is the highest state, and it is not easy for ordinary mortals to reach.

But if you have been in contact with each other for three or five years, you will be tired.

Today’s work is very competitive. If you are at home, you will feel completely relaxed.