“This is a confidentiality agreement and a letter of responsibility,”Chen Geng thought for a while,Turned around and took out a document from the filing cabinet:“If you sign this document,can……”

Before Chen Geng finished,Ferruccio·Lamborghini snatched it,He didn’t even look at it and signed his name on it,Asked:“Can i do it now?Can i see your chassis?”
“……”Chen Geng was speechless,Your signing speed is quite fast。
Take Ferruccio·Lamborghini came to a door with a combination lock in the repair shop,Chen Geng entered the password to open the door,Point to a body chassis in the room that looks like a formula car frame structure,Say proudly:“Mr. Lamborghini,This is the car that we adopted the formula design concept:X-bo。”
“X-bo?”Ferruccio·Lamborghini reads this somewhat slurred name,I looked at the car body that hadn’t been installed with the engine and gearbox.,He can’t believe,A modified car company can make such an advanced chassis?
“Others cannot be other people’s business,But we can。”Chen Geng’s tone is very plain,But because of the plain,Just extra outfitX。
The last project that Chen Geng participated in before his first rebirth,Is to assistKTMDevelop their first sports car:KTM X-bo,One is almost based onF-3000Formula car design、Used a well-tuned Wolf FortEA888Engine andMQSeries gearbox、A sports car designed to pursue pure driving pleasure。
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First102chapter Grand Prix begins
Ferruccio·Lamborghini didn’t hear what Chen Geng said,He stared at him with bright eyes. This car is highly similar to a formula car.、Racing cars without powertrain and transmission system,Everything in this car shocked him:
Front double wishbone with horizontally opposed、Suspension scheme of twisted tooth shock absorber with adjustable damping and spring stroke,It is the front suspension structure of a classic formula car;
The height of the body from the ground does not exceed8cm,Almost snug decent,Even people who don’t know anything about cars can know that they have an excellent low center of gravity and conformability.;
Approximate body length4About meters,The short wheelbase feature gives this car excellent cornering flexibility,and2The body width of about meters gives the vehicle excellent stability,Coupled with huge air diffusers at the front and rear of the body、Carefully designed body surface with considerable aerodynamic characteristics at a glance,Ferruccio·Lamborghini thinks this car is even300At a speed of kilometers per hour, it can still ensure strong downforce of the body;
The layout of the rear drive,What’s more rare is that it can be seen through the installation position,The installed engine and transmission are completely in front of the rear axle,The load on the front and rear axles of the car must be very close50:50Gold weight ratio of front and rear axle;
Ferruccio·Lamborghini even lied on the ground in disregard of the image and carefully looked at the situation under the car,As expected,The chassis is tightly covered by the guard plate,Very smooth,Can let the air flow pass at the fastest speed without turbulence……
Too many shocking things,It’s not surprising if these things appear in Europe where the formula racing culture is developed.,But how did it appear in the U.S.?Ferruccio·Lamborghini feels he really can’t understand,
Chen Geng,Looking at the car in front of you,Smacking,Some regret:“It would be better if carbon fiber could be used for the body,The weight of the vehicle can be controlled below one ton,Unfortunately, the price of carbon fiber is too expensive……”