Because everyone knows,Chen Qingyun is right!

As long as he is still the world’s strongest,As long as he is still sitting in the position of the coalition commander,No one dared to jump out against him!
Fools like Fat Dun and Liu Yi,After all。
“Ha ha!Really boring!That’s why I don’t want to join the Earth Alliance。”Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled。
“Speak more,Do it!As long as you can beat me,All this is yours!”Chen Qingyun nodded confidently,Tao。
As the world’s number one powerhouse,Chen Qingyun also has his own dignity,His strength,For all to see,But he never fought Lu Menglin,He wants to prove to the world,Only oneself is the most powerful。
and so,He disdain to order Lu Menglin to besiege,He will pick the fruits of victory with his own hands。
Don’t know,Lu Menglin’s reaction was unexpected。
“Do not,Do not!Yours,too poor!I don’t want it at all!”
“I come here,Just because you dare to move my family,So i will kill you!”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Chen Qingyun frowned,Shen Sheng:“Do not want?Ha ha!Lu Menglin,I heard people say about you a long time ago,They say you are a genius,the same with me,Never lost。But i’m really disappointed,Because you are too hypocritical!”
“The Earth Alliance is the most powerful force on the planet,You would not want?”
“We have taken the foreign space stronghold,Just stay there,Gets stronger every day,You do not want?”
“The earth world has reached a new node,The time has come to create a new era,Don’t you want to be a human hero,Dominate the changes of the times?”