“He didn’t use any magic on me,He just told me,If I continue to stay at GE,My achievements will never surpass Li·Alcoca……”

Never surpass Lee·Alcoca……
Caroline finally realized where the problem was,I also know why my husband has such a big mood swing。
Yes,If the husband takes over the chairmanship of General Electric step by step,There is no doubt that he will be considered outstandingCEO,But that’s it,Just like GE has servedCEOsame,Respected,But only respected,But it is absolutely impossible to enjoy Lee·The treatment of Iacocana being worshipped by the world。
But if Welch went to be worse than the original ChryslerAMC,And successfully willAMCOut of the quagmire,His popularity in the United States will also surpass Li·Alcoca,There is no doubt about this,But just these?Just these words,Husband’s emotions shouldn’t have such big ups and downs.。
Facing the puzzled look in the eyes of his wife,Jack·Welch said softly:“Besides,He gave me a high salary。”
“High salary?How tall?”
“100Ten thousand dollars in annual salary,Total equity1%、And300Ten thousand dollars guaranteed dividend,Plus100Ten thousand dollars in benefits、Subsidies and reimbursement of bills,Ok,If i canAMCThe car leads to the first in the United States、Top three heights in the world,This1%Will automatically belong to me……Yes,You heard me right,Just1%Shares of,It’s not like dividend rights,Completely mine1%Shares of。”
Caroline understands thoroughly!
Faced with such an opportunity to become famous,Faced with such a high salary、Even the opportunity to hold shares in a company,How could the husband not be moved?!
She said firmly:“No matter what decision you make,My children and I support you。”
Jack·Welch did not speak,Just nodded heavily。