“Let’s talk after leaving the valley!”

Gu Rimo pulls up Chen Xiu,The two rushed to Taniguchi,I left the valley for several kilometers before stopping。
“What happened to that mammoth,This thing shouldn’t be extinct!”
“That’s not a mammoth。”
Gu Rimou shook his head and said:“Beasts taking sapphire flowers will turn on spiritual wisdom,It should have taken the sapphire flower in the valley for a long time, so it has evolved!”
“You mean the elephant is fine!”
“Cheng Jing?”
Gu Rimou smiled and said:“It’s still far away from the real escape,It’s just taller and bigger than the average beast,Has not yet produced real spiritual wisdom!However, it is really rare to see evolutionary giant elephants in the world.,If you can send it to the secret realm alive, it would be a great achievement。”
“Catch alive?”
“how,You do not believe!”
Chen Xiu’s head shook like a rattle,Don’t deny that Gu Rimou is really good,But want to catch such a huge elephant alive,But he maintains a denial attitude,The attack by Liu Yibai just now had no effect on the giant elephant.。
“I catch it just as easy as catching a kitten。”
Chen Xiu rolled his eyes,Can’t help but say:“You won’t die if you brag less,If you can really catch it,You don’t need to take me away just now!”
“You think i was running away?I retreated temporarily。”
Chen Xiu didn’t bother to argue with him,Look up at the sunset on the west,Is saying:“Shennongjia is too evil here,I don’t know what monsters will come out at night。Let’s find a safe place to spend the night quickly!”
The two of them were looking around nearby, taking advantage of the afterglow of the setting sun,I found a cave that barely fits in,Find some soft grass now,Two beds, one large and one small, were laid in the hole,Chen Xiu worried that snakes and insects would come over at night,Sprinkled realgar powder at the entrance of the cave,There is a fire again,
Under the fire,Chen Xiu divided the compressed biscuits he brought to eat。
907 Five-year-old IQ