“You don’t even know about the Legion?”Zhang Song explained:“The Legion System in the Gun of Glory,It’s about the same as the union in other online games,Players can choose the right legion to join,By participating in legion wars or elite missions,Increase honor value。Honor value is a reflection of the contribution of the legion,A straight is kicked because the honor score is too low。”

“It’s not normal to be kicked if the honor score is too low?Can’t you find another legion??”Cao Anna asked。
“The key is that Shunzi is in the legion,The cadre sees that you are a novice and excludes you when doing tasks or launching a legionary war.,Don’t give new phones when you brush honor,Kicking people all day,This is a bit too much!”Zhang Song angrily said。
“Since they are bullying,Let this lady go with you to avenge Shunzi!”Anna Cao showed that she saw an uneven road,“overbearing”A helping hand。
“Cough,Miss Anna,It’s not my little whirlwind that looks down on you,Do you know the gun of glory?”Zhang Song will be suspicious。
“What do i mean?Does Xu Tian in the Gun of Glory know??”Cao Anna asked。
“God who doesn’t know?Belongs to this in China!”Zhang Song thumbs up,Compared to“NO.1”Styling。
“That is my master!how about it?Awesome!”Anna Cao says。
“You brag!Haha,If you are a disciple of the gods,I am the coach of Tenjin,Haha!”Zhang Song smiled。
“believe it or not!This lady has to prove that everyone here is rubbish。”Cao Anna is not convinced。
“Wait and see,we‘old place’see!”
“‘old place’Where is it?”Cao Anna asked。
“correct,You don’t know yet……‘old place’It’s the fashionable Internet cafe at the east gate of the school。”Zhang Song said。
Cao Anna suddenly thought,yesterday,Where else did she meet Lu Yi,That guy with no conscience。
“Just go,How did you come?I drive you to。”Anna Cao agreed。