and,This time reward,Actually it came very well。

“Unexpectedly,The reward I got this time,There is a building here?”
“if so,Then it is more convenient for me to carry out various actions!”
See here,Now,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。
Other things,In fact, there is nothing to consider for the time being。
But the next thing,How to arrange it。
Leave nothing else,But such a problem,In fact, this is absolutely necessary,Arrangement is the kingly way。
And look at these,Wang Teng at this time,See here,I didn’t forget to say。
“All right,Actually start now,There is nothing else to entangle with for now。”
“What you want me to say,Still prepare first,As for other things,I will find a way。”
Wang Teng thought of this,I don’t forget to speak directly to my eyes。
“but,It looks like,They should be determined to get rid of me here。”
Wang Teng looks into the distance,Can’t help muttering。
But here,Don’t worry about other things for now。
As for now,What should I do。
Actually just like this,It’s very obvious。