China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch: Focusing Main Industry Advantage Construction High Quality Insurance Guarantee

  The staff of the China Life Baunan Long Nance Service Center handles long-term insurance services for the public. China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is introduced to Chongqing urban custom insurance to introduce co-insurance models, and give full play to the main advantages of relevant commercial insurance companies, and better serve Chongqing citizens. Last year, Chongqing City customized commercial supplementary medical insurance "惠保" online, so that the insured person will reimburse the personal payment of personal payment with lower insulation premiums, further mitigate the burden of medical expenses. Among them, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is underwritten by 530,000 people, and the amount is trillion.

  Under the guidance of the Chongqing Silver Insurance Bureau, the Chongqing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, China Life Chongqing Branch is committed to boosting the people’s livelihood project. This year, the company adheres to the principle of universal positioning, in accordance with different medical security requirements, continuous optimization of service management models with basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, and actively promote urban custom insurance "one-stop settlement" service to solve the insured " The problem of claiming ero, funding is paid, so that the public is more convenient to seek medical treatment, enhance the sense of acquainability and happiness of the public. The pension system is more perfect from June 1 this year, exclusive commercial pension insurance in Zhejiang Province, Chongqing two places first pilot, and the pilot period is temporarily established. As a pilot unit, China Life Chongqing Branch launches Shengshou Xin to enjoy the propagation sales of commercial pension insurance, can better meet the actual pension needs of new states and flexible employees such as express brothers, takeaway riders, webmark drivers .

  China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch said, as an innovative product in promoting the construction of the third pillar pension guarantee system, the exclusive commercial pension insurance payment of the pilot sales, the collection method is more flexible, pay the payment, the annual payment, 趸 趸, Transfer to the premium or one-time additional premium, the method also has a fixed term collection and lifetime to receive two ways; adopting the "guarantee + floating" revenue model, providing different portfolios, for customers to choose flexible choice, while Product design is more stringent for the demand for the definition and encourages long-term lifetime to guide the long-term accumulation of the pension.

  In order to meet the long-term nursing requirements of displacement personnel in the city’s elderly people, China Life Chongqing Branch has participated in the pilot work of the whole mayor for three consecutive years, and is 210,000 city, Dadukou District, Datutou and Pisuji County, Chongqing. The employee offers a long-term insurance operation service.

  As of the end of July this year, nursing services were obtained for 722 heavy residents in the city, and the accumulated nursing subsidies were all divided, and 7730 people were benefited from the displacement personnel. Rural construction is more beautiful "to promote rural revitalization, promote industrial stability development and farmers’ income is the key." Zhi Xi Xiu, who is the current country revitalizing work, China Life, Chongqing Branch, China Life.