“Too cheating!Too cheating!”

“We are all fooled!”
The entire trading command hall was boiling in an instant,Everyone aimed at Qiao Tianyu again,Point at Qiao Tianyu,Berated Qiao Tianyu for deceiving everyone。
Actually for everyone,Failure is not terrible,There are always winners and losers in the investment field,There can be no victorious general,But what everyone is dissatisfied with is that we lost so badly today,Lost so silly!
Qiao Tianyu just kept saying that he would lead everyone,Fought heartily and heartily an epic financial war with no one before and after,But I didn’t expect that there would be no more text so soon,What is Qiao Tianyu thinking??
By the way, today’s Qiao Tianyu is so strange,From beginning to end, he did not show the idea and professionalism that an ace trader should have,Even said that it’s not good to hear the whole practice,Qiao Tianyu has no trading ideas at all!
Everyone really doesn’t know what Qiao Tianyu is thinking this time,Why is he so impatient to lose all his money,Why would he bet on all his friends’ assets to deliberately lose,Why does he deceive these big investors in the investment industry again and again,What is Qiao Tianyu playing??!
Equally shocked,And Lily on the other side of the earth。
When she opened her blood basin,Eat Qiao Tianyu finally3000Billion dollar yen,She has always suspected that Qiao Tianyu must have left a shocking hand waiting for her。
After all, according to her to Qiao Tianyu“Slant”Understanding of trading techniques,What Qiao Tianyu is best at,Headwind,Always thunder in the silent place,So she expected that Qiao Tianyu would not give up。
But Lily waited and waited,But never saw Qiao Tianyu’s follow-up move,And Arthur also got news from the Horizon Fund headquarters,Said that the Zero Fund has become a mess,But Qiao Tianyu was so bored there that he couldn’t let go!
Heard of this situation,Lily was a little surprised,Could it be true as Lily had expected before,Today, Qiao Tianyu in New York is just a fake,Lily cut off contact with Tokyo Qiao Tianyu,He doesn’t know anything?
But then Lily changed his mind again,I also think my idea is very funny,When did I become so afraid of Qiao Tianyu?,Is it because I have eaten too much of Qiao Tianyu’s losses recently,I was a little scared by him?
After all, say one thousand things and ten thousand,“Financial market capital is king”The truth is always the eternal truth,Even if Qiao Tianyu wants to turn against the wind,He also has the capital to make a comeback。
At this time, Qiao Tianyu did not have any yen reserves in his hands,He is a great talent,It is impossible to create a yen out of thin air,No yen reserve,There is no capital to turn around,Qiao Tianyu’s failure is an indisputable fact。
Qiao Tianyu,Really defeated!