Aggressiveness makes your interpersonal imbalance

Aggressiveness makes your interpersonal imbalance

In a severely imbalanced relationship, the disadvantaged party dare not express their anger, and even dare not fight back. Their consciousness and subconsciousness will even severely split, and they will not even realize their anger.

However, once the anger arises, it will definitely find an outlet for venting.

The weak side cannot express their anger directly, then they will develop a unique way to fight back.

  From the perspective of consciousness, they absolutely dare not violate the requirements of the strong party, dare not challenge the will of the strong party, and under the powerful attack of the strong party, they are reluctant and unreasonable.

However, they have some inexplicable situations.

Very simple things, they did it; they easily fulfilled their promises, but they didn’t keep their promises . In short, they often made some inexplicable mistakes that made the strong party thunder.

When thunderous, the strong side looked as if it had been severely violated.

  This is exactly the weak side’s counterattack, and it is also the desire of the weak side subconsciously.

They did not express deadly anger, or even show a little anger, but they finally achieved results by making some inexplicable mistakes, but they were no different from directly attacking the strong side with anger.

  This psychological mechanism, called passive attack, is often compared to “invisible attack”.

  The most common place for stealth attacks is the family.

  Because the relationship between parents and children, as well as the relationship between husband and wife, is most likely to lose balance, and parents are also most likely to suffer attacks in the name of love, while at the same time absolutely limit the child’s counterattack.