“Have you made arrangements for the guest room??”Hua Ziyu ignored Hua Tianyi’s movements,Still catching up and asking。

“arranged,After the banquet,I will arrange for guests to stay for two days,When the time comes, you will use the room as a reason,Just let Zhang Dong live in,But you have to say that you pay for the accommodation,After all, our family is not less than thirty or fifty
Hua Tianyi’s words made Qin Feng very uncomfortable,So Qin Feng wondered in his heart to save this face for his brother。
“understood,dad,I know how to do it。”One kind appeared in Hua Ziyu’s eyes**,Is a kind of proud and expectant**。
In this way, the father and son ended the conversation and walked towards the banqueting room together。
Qin Feng followed the father and son and understood,In fact, the reason why Zhang Dong was invited to this birthday party was to make Hua Ziyu humiliate him.,So that Hua Ziyu will be angry,But since Qin Feng knew about it, he wouldn’t let them succeed。
After Qin Feng followed them for some distance,I also know where the real banquet hall is,So Qin Feng changed the route,Decided to go back to find Zhang Dong, mother and son who are still in the dark。
“Qin Feng,is it you?”Qin Feng just turned around and heard someone call him,And the sound is familiar,Qin Feng recalled in his mind,Whose voice is this?Yes,Wang Mengmeng。
“Fucking,How can I meet you here,Are you here for the birthday party too?You know the doctor Cheng?Aren’t you in Honghai,When did you come?”Qin Feng was very surprised by the sudden appearance of Wang Mengmeng。
“You asked me so many questions at once,Which one should I answer first?”Wang Mengmeng was also quite surprised,Why Qin Feng is here,But I heard Qin Feng talk about the birthday party,Wang Mengmeng knew that he was here for the birthday party。
“You know the doctor Cheng?”Qin Feng also knew he was a little excited,This is in the blue ocean after all,Qin Feng saw Wang Mengmeng,There is a feeling of meeting old friends in another country。
“I don’t know any genius doctor Cheng,I only know doctor Qin,Could it be that you changed your surname?”Wang Mengmeng laughed and laughed at herself。
Qin Feng, who was standing next to him, didn’t react at once,Then said:“Don’t make trouble,Ask you serious。”
“Yes,Did I answer seriously?”Wang Mengmeng asked in a strange way。