It seems that self-harm is easier,But Li Tianchou doesn’t have this habit,Viagra can be used well,Don’t you want revenge?Then let’s have a big one,He quickly thought of a plan。

But the plan cannot keep up with the changes,Just started,He didn’t expect Brother Xiao to help,And was seriously injured。Li Tianchou is naturally angry,I had to do the fake,Overdo it at the end,Because Viagra and his brothers are super dishes,Not beaten at all,It fell down in a short while,This is one of the reasons why the prison guards kept warning and chose to shoot。
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty One True friend
This bitter trick is too risky,The sudden change in the middle almost took the life out,Just without any help from outside,Want to escape the detention center,This is probably the only feasible way。But luckily he got his wish and was admitted to the hospital outside。
As long as there was no death and timely treatment,To Li Tianchou is victory。Because except for a few people in the car dealership,No one else knows the secret of his body,Have fast、Super self-healing ability,And this ability increases with his injuries,Become more and more exaggerated,Even exceeded Li Tianchou’s own imagination。
Waking up from a coma after the operation,Li Tianchou only spent half a day,This seems to be a lot better than before。After listening and observing the surrounding environment secretly,Make sure you are in a hospital rather than a treatment room in a detention center,He is relieved,This shot was not in vain。
Don’t think about anything next,receive treatment、go to bed。He can clearly feel that the wound is healing quickly,Body functions are fully restored,The shot pierced his small intestine,But it didn’t hurt the internal organs,So very lucky,Maybe the Li Tianchou in the nightmare is blessing himself。
Just over a day,Li Tianchou felt that both his body and spirit had recovered to a pretty good state,At least getting out of bed is not a problem。And most importantly, it’s not long after surgery,The prison guards have not had time to re-wear him,This is the best time。
But he also realized a new trouble,Quick recovery of all aspects of the body,Will definitely cause doctors’ special attention,It’s easy to let the police know,I’m afraid I won’t stay in the hospital for long.。So we must prepare immediately,Find opportunities to run away at any time。
This opportunity will come soon,dinner time,The doctor on duty who just changed duty rounds。He simply checked Li Tianchou,Very surprised how much his wound has recovered,Unbelievable,I thought I was wrong。
The doctor tilted his head and thought about it,Leave the ward in a hurry。Soon he came back with the medical record,Followed by a nurse brought an instrument in a cart。The doctor turns the records,Stretch your hand on the screen,Then take off Li Tianchou’s clothes,Start busy checking carefully。
While this doctor was tossing,Li Tianchou has secretly looked at the opponent’s size、Fat and thin,Almost like myself,I’m very happy for God to help。The only downside is that the other party is still wearing a pair of myopia glasses,Looks like the lenses are quite thick。This can be overcome,He had already observed the guards at the door when the door of the ward was opened.,Have a bottom.
The nurse went out to get things as ordered,Li Tianchou made a decisive move,He put the fainted doctor on the hospital bed and covered it with a quilt,Quickly put on a white coat,Put on a hat and a white mask,I also placed the myopia glasses on the bridge of my nose.,Although dizzy,But it doesn’t affect vision too much。When the nurse returns to the ward,Li Tianchou took the things in her hand without looking back,And waved her to leave。
Soon,Li Tianchou, in a white coat, walked out of the ward with a small cart,The stride is a bit slow,But fairly stable。The position of the stroller helps him to bend over to relieve the pain in the abdomen,And keep your head down moderately,Don’t be fainted by the depth of the glasses。He is very composed,At the same time the mind is quite clear,Knowing that you can never climb the window again this time,The safest way to go to the main entrance。