I even want to say more.,Let the other person fight back。

But I thought about it.,He still decided to tell the truth.。
“Oh,That’s not much.,Then you talk to my sister.,Plus my sister,You have a total of a few women.?”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s desire and curiosity。
Li Hui has a little time, I don’t know how to answer.。
After all, this is a shame.,He also didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoling to ask such a direct。
Don’t want to say it.?
Still twenty?”
“Forehead,no,no,Three two。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zhao Xiaoling’s heart suddenly worried.。
“These three are your girlfriend.?”
“Um,In addition to the scorpion basics!”
When I said this,Li Hui said that Li Cuihua in the Emperor。
He feels that he is always alleged.,And these women seem to be he is very familiar.。
Even some of him never thought,But the yin is wrong。
“That’s saying,In fact, you are not a slag man.,The two hands I know before, I am afraid that I can’t come.,It is the employees in the factory to talk about three or five.,You have so much money,It is good.。”
“Forehead,I am actually bad.,Because I didn’t break up with them.。”
Li Hui’s words,Let Zhao Xiaoling laugh directly。
“okay,Isn’t it a few boats??
This sister understands。”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoling also didn’t want to ask again,Because she suddenly felt that she failed。
Li Hui Feng is a lot of ships,But so many boats actually don’t have her.。
She has always thought that she is very beautiful.,Good figure,Glamorous,It is also a little and easy to come back to take the wind.。
The result is a hitting the wall everywhere.。
The actual situation is too big to be too big to think about her.。
“All right,My sister knows your situation.,Do you want to ask your sister now??
As long as your sister knows,Will be selfless。”
“Forehead,Do you talk about my boyfriend before??”
“Talk,But I haven’t taken it.,Even my sister wants to tell you that my body is intact.,Do you believe it?”
Li Huihe heard this,Directly。
Seeing Li Hui’s model,Zhao Xiaoling laughed into the eyes。
“You really believe?
Lie to you,My sister’s body is not touched.,But my sister will touch myself.,Gigbling”A piece of mouth is such a big scale,Li Hui is also a little, I don’t know if I should continue to ask.。
After all, he has not cared for such topics.。
“Ling Sister,I still gave you a bowl to wake up soup.,You like this,I am afraid that you will be uncomfortable at night.。”